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Latin American School

Latin American School in the Day of the Dead Celebration with Revista Latina

The participation of children from the Latin American School program immersed themselves in the creation of calaveras catrinas, an iconic manifestation of the Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico. With their dexterous hands and imagination, the children brought these skulls to life, each of which was a unique reflection of their creativity and love for Mexican culture.

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NCDHHS Urges Vaccination for Children 6 Months and Older

RALEIGH — The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services is reporting the first pediatric flu-related death for the 2023-2024 flu season. A child in the western part of the state recently died from complications associated with influenza infection. To protect the family’s privacy, additional information will not be released.


Celebration of the Day of the Dead with Revista Latina

Death does not exist, people only die when they forget it; If you can remember me, I will always be with you. The writer...

Fragments of experiences

If we could write the most relevant events that happen every day, it would be a compendium of experiences that would not only be shared with potential readers, but are an introspective glimpse into the soul of the person who writes it; because reliving those magical moments, written from the perspective of different emotions that bathed heart and thought in those moments, allowed the concatenation and rescue of precise words to describe them to emerge.

The cheese

That contest was like artisanal cheese, made by hand from peasant expertise and ancestral recipes. It was an original product that spoke of the satisfaction and dedication of its unknown producers so that its flavor, although complex, as well as its capricious shape and unique smell that only time gave it, captivated the eye, the palate and the mind of the distant. and unsuspecting consumer when opening the pages that contained such a literary delicacy and that, upon internalizing it, in addition to the full enjoyment it gave him, gave wings to his imagination.
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Stimulate your Mind with New Knowledge and Skills

Constant learning acts as a gym for the mind. By exposing ourselves to new concepts, challenges and perspectives, we stimulate brain activity and promote neuronal plasticity. This cognitive boost not only strengthens memory and executive function, but can also have positive effects in preventing conditions related to cognitive decline.




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