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Melody Shanahan

Melody Shanahan was born in Charlotte NC, she is an alumna of the Northwest School of the Arts, was a member of NHJS (National Honor Junior Society) and NHSDA (National Honor Society for Dance Arts), currently studying her High School at NCCA.
Her mom is from Mexico and her dad is from Buffalo New York of Irish descent, she is a Mexican/Irish girl who embraces multiculturalism, her mission has been to break down and preserve cultural boundaries through the Art of Dance.
The last two years have been spent performing at festivals and schools, Irish Dance, Mexican Folklore and Latin Rhythms, Ballet in Charlotte, SC and Raleigh NC.
She is a Charlotte Ballet alumna, Charlotte Dance Alliance alumna, (where she has trained on ballet, pointe, jazz, and hip hop competition teams), they have won 1st place, platinum, and 6th place overall (regional), alumna from Mexico Folklore de Herencia Latina (performed by SC and Charlotte), currently attends Open Doors Studios taking ballet V en Pointe, and private Mexican folklore lessons with a teacher from the National School of Dance Nellie and Gloria Campobello in the City of Mexico.
When she’s not busy dancing, she draws anime, digitally and on paper. She wants to be a professional dancer and her goal is to be at the Juilliard School in New York City.
He has been recognized by many non-profit organizations, such as Queen City Unity, The Konnected Foundation, Harrisburg Parks and Recreation, Queen’s University, the latter for his great work in promoting culture. Win scholarships through the Queen City Awards and many others.

Xochipitzahua (Little Flower) & Fearless Song (Vivir Quintana)
“Without fear” Melody dances for migrant women and victims of femenicide. It is a hymn to women to protect ourselves, unite and organize ourselves and there is “not one more”.