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Olga Franco Luna Galiano

The Glasses of My Emotions: (Las Gafas de Mis Emociones)

El libro está destinado a los más pequeños y en este priman las ilustraciones llenas de color y con un giro muy original. En la historia la protagonista representa todas sus emociones en colores por medio de gafas.

Acerca de

Olga Franco Olga is originally from Colombia, she holds a bachelor’s degree in Basic Education with an emphasis on Technology and Informatics from the University of Luis Amigo of Medellin, Colombia with an actualization in Early Childhood Education from Nova Southern University. During her 23rd years of experience in education, Olga has been a preschool teacher, she has created several educational projects for schools related to social-emotional development and currently serves as a director in a childcare center. Lina Galiano Lina is originally from Colombia, she holds a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of San Buenaventura in Cali, Colombia. She has more than 20 years of experience in the early childhood field. During these years she has worn many hats, she’s been a two-year-old teacher in the classroom, and she has participated as an active advocate to protect the educational rights of immigrant children. She currently serves as an early childhood adjunct professor at the Palm Beach State College and is part of a non-profit organization, where her main role is to support the growth and continuous development of the Quality Improvement system in Palm Beach County.


Canto de primavera

Canto de primavera, Autora : Alicia Fernández Reyes. Fresnillo Zacatecas México. Espera mas poemas de Alicia Fernández Reyes en Revista Latina NC​.