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Saturday, January 28, 2023

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Were you listening?

Do you like music? What does it mean to you? Represents? What feelings does it evoke? In the answers lie the reasons why the series Were You Listening? of the Mix(ed)tape Podcast was created. In this series we explore blackness in the songs we love. We translate and contextualize mainly Afro-Latin songs that talk about blackness in the Americas, beauty and pride, but also pain and hardship.
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Latest News

Three years of pandemic learning response: reaching learners across the world with life-saving health knowledge

26 January 2023 marks three years since WHO launched its first OpenWHO.org course on the then-novel coronavirus and started providing accessible, up-to-date and informative health knowledge for a diverse global audience amid the fast-evolving pandemic. As of this date, OpenWHO offers a total of 190 online courses, 46 of which address COVID-19 topics, and has totaled 7.4 million course enrolments.
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