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Visual artist

I propose to go for a walk

Go for a walk. Without direction. With no other purpose than to activate the energies with which we converse with ourselves: prelude to the act of writing. Make the effort not to think? Not precisely. It is about allowing thoughts to flow in their own way, which is generally chaotic or at least interrupted by the environment where we are walking and curiously looking at artists.

Automatic writing: turning the censor around (Part Two)

Seeing our history in writing is such a wonderful gift that the process deserves love and care. Love yes: because it is a declaration of affection and consideration for the life that we have had to live. In the next column we will explore various levels of automatic writing and what to do with the texts that are born from the exercises.

Three different newspapers

When we are interested in a way of telling, in this case the private diary, it is very exciting to take a look at literary pieces that have transcended the world. The diary of the girl Anne Frank, for example, even taken to theater and cinema, is moving in itself and heartbreaking in its context. Knowing the tragic, cruel, premature and unjust end of Ana's life, reading the naivety of her diaries is shocking, because the sharpness of her intelligence already shines, and one wishes she had had the opportunity to flourish...

How secret is the private diary?

To tell our own story we cannot avoid a first step: to take ownership of our being, which seems simple and obvious but it is not. The private diary can be a way to achieve this because in its purest and simplest version it is about putting into words what we have in our heads. Dear Diary...

Noé Katz, Plastic Artist

Noé Katz, Plastic Artist. I believe that Art gives personality and distinction to the place, and raises the spirit of the people. "Imagination leads you to Creativity"

“Mexican Tales and Colors in North Carolina”

The Consulate General of Mexico in Raleigh and the artist Mauricio Zúñiga invite the general public to the exhibition “Mexican Tales and Colors in North Carolina”

No one owns my story more than me.

In this adventure of telling my story I start with all the advantages: nobody knows the material better than me. Others will have some data, a point of view, some memories, some anecdotes, but the heart of the story is mine. Only I know what it feels like to be inside of me. I know how I see the world. And the most important thing: it is my interpretation of the data of my existence, it is the way in which I have organized my memories, it is what was learned from the anecdotes lived that my reader is interested in knowing.

Eugenia Gallardo Visual Artist & Writer

Literally Eugenia defines herself as the daughter of Asturias and Cervantes; cousin of Monterroso and Batres Montúfar; friend of Yourcenar and Christie. His work has been translated into Italian and French, and included in anthologies. Post little and write a lot; critics have been generous with the fruits of their inventiveness. In 2020 and 2021 she was nominated for the National Literature Award.

“A conversation with Mauricio Zuñiga”

Born in Jalisco, Mexico, Mauricio Zúñiga moved to Chicago at the age of 13. Mo, as his friends call him, is a combination of dreams and Mexican charm. Creative from a young age and with a great eye for the different and the beautiful, Zúñiga began curating galleries in different parts of the US.
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