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Thursday, June 30, 2022


Good morning… It’s your day to shine!

Good morning... It's your day to shine!

Happy Wednesday…

Happy Wednesday...

Hello Friday…have a great weekend

Hello Friday...have a great weekend

Life plan

Life plan: be happy, give love, do what I like, travel, finish my studies, meet new people, understand life, love myself as I am, ignore bad vibes.

When the universe whispers its philosophical treatise to me

Today I have understood that the world seems ugly to me. I am not like those philosophers or thinkers who sat and said "I am going to think about this issue", perhaps that is why I am not a philosopher and I will never become famous for my theories. They worked on their thoughts, the universe shows them to me, a beautiful muse whispers them to me and the beauty of an all-powerful Goddess illuminates me.

Paternity with Faith: Don’t be surprised

Photo by Jill Wellington from Pexels Paternity with Faith: Don't be surprised. I invite you to listen to them every Friday through Revista Latina, a space where we will reflect and grow together. “We all have a call but not everyone can...

Nobody imagines that the peace I feel today cost me several storms to imprison her.

Nobody imagines that the peace I feel today cost me several storms to imprison her.
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Latest News

Career training now available for state employees on the autism spectrum

State employees with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have a new ally in preparing for career advancement or a change in their current job. The NC Career Advancement Resources for Employees on the Spectrum (NCCARES) pilot program is accepting applications from employees with ASD who need support to achieve goals in the workplace.
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