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Planetary Singing

Countries, Authors and languages ​​invited in planetary song

Welcome to the planetary generation! PLANETARY SONG: BROTHERHOOD ON EARTH (HC EDITORES, Costa Rica) is an independent project, managed entirely by its compiler, without any connection with organizations, institutions, companies, ideologies or political, cultural, economic interests, social conceptions or religious beliefs. The participants and their contributions are free of any manifestations of discrimination, racism, nationality, age, sex, sexual orientation, disability, race, ethnicity, language, economic level, academic level, among other human entelequias. This is a multilingual, multi-artistic and multicultural project: a full-length PLANETARY SONG promoting peace and global brotherhood. Its central theme is the environment.

The global power of words and art

The Planetary Song Anthology is a project that promises not only to be unique and pioneering, but also to be framed within works such as 1984 or A happy world, in its antithesis and being a song of Hope and that is based on Cooperation, Collaboration and that It can be an essential contribution from the world of culture, letters and that contains the values that all the arts contribute from their social, cultural, educational and innovative commitment for the salvation of the Environment, of our home, the beloved Earth.

Writers and poets from five continents in a single book

Our Planet Earth is the most splendid wonder of the universe, it is inhabited by millions and millions of species, many of which have disappeared or are in danger of extinction. From all that mysterious and enchanting variety, nature chose man to manage and take a position at the head of the sacred creation; and since it was assigned such an honorable mission, we have done nothing but destroy, to the point of eliminating defenseless species, we have been and continue to be irresponsible with the environment, some more than others of course.
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