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Friday, September 29, 2023

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RL Editorial: Weaving the Narrative of Mexican and Latin American Identity

RL Editorial has stood out for its commitment to telling Mexican and Latin American cultural stories and customs, both inside and outside their countries of origin. Founded with the vision of promoting the cultural richness and experiences of the Latin diaspora, this publishing house has charted an enriching trajectory since its inception. RL Editorial has proven to be a beacon of light in the narrative of Mexican and Latin American identity. Through its publications, the publisher has provided a platform for the voices and stories that enrich the Latino community around the world.

With the tie on and a dream come true

“Art, mirror of an immigrant, History of Cornelio Campos.” Its author; María del Refugio Sandoval Olivas has done an excellent job with this biography that transports you to the life of the painter Cornelio Campos from his childhood to the present.

“Art. Mirror of an Immigrant. Story of Cornelio Campos”.

"Art. Mirror of an Immigrant. Story of Cornelio Campos". This book combines the richness of the narrative with the chronicle of a life marked by migration and a passion for art. In the pages of this work, María del Refugio Sandoval Olivas immerses us in the life and work of Cornelio Campos, an immigrant whose physical features and cultural heritage are intertwined with the history of his people. Through a captivating narrative, the author takes us on an introspective journey that explores identity and adaptation to a new culture.

Lupita Play

I have great news to share with you! Our children's book, Lupita y la Magia de México, is being turned into a community play through a partnership with Revista Latina NC. Our play will be part of the Cultural Festival, Children's Day at the Raleigh Little Theater in the open air on April 30.

Ohtli Award 2022, words of thanks Revista Latina

It is an honor and a privilege for those of us who are part of Revista Latina to be here today to receive the 2022 Ohtli Award, the highest award for those who, during their pilgrimage around the world, have not hesitated, nor do they hesitate, to mark their path. This, so that the new generations of young Mexicans in search of opportunities to make or remake their lives, can follow them. We express our deepest gratitude to the Government of Mexico and to the Consul General of Mexico in the Carolinas, Claudia Velasco Osorio, for delivering this great recognition.
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Latest News

U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai meets with Latino leaders at El Centro Hispano in Durham

North Carolina, September 28, 2023.- Today, El Centro Hispano had the honor of hosting United States Trade Representative Katherine Tai for an important discussion with Latino leadership in the North Carolina Triangle area. . Ambassador Tai is a distinguished member of President Joe Biden's Cabinet and serves as a senior trade advisor, negotiator, and spokesperson for U.S. trade policy.
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