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Day of the Dead with Revista Latina Downtown Raleigh

Last Sunday, October 29, the heart of Downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, was filled with life and color to commemorate the fifth edition of the Day of the Dead celebration, an event organized by Revista Latina that brought together between 7,000 and 8,000 visitors of all ages and nationalities. Revista Latina, highlighted the importance of this celebration in Mexican culture and its fundamental role in the preservation of unique and valuable cultural traditions. The Day of the Dead is not only an opportunity to remember and honor the loved ones who left us, but also a special occasion for new generations to know and value these traditions. This holiday offers a window into the roots of Mexico, teaching the importance of memory, the connection with our ancestors and the cultural diversity that enriches our lives.

Latin American School in the Day of the Dead Celebration with Revista Latina

The participation of children from the Latin American School program immersed themselves in the creation of calaveras catrinas, an iconic manifestation of the Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico. With their dexterous hands and imagination, the children brought these skulls to life, each of which was a unique reflection of their creativity and love for Mexican culture.

Latin American School begins its Saturday Program: Explore, Learn and Grow

Latin American School, dedicated to teaching Latin American language and culture, is excited to launch its new Saturday program, offering exciting opportunities for personal growth, cultural enrichment, and academic success. Latin American School's Saturday program features various courses: Spanish as a Heritage Language (SHL), Spanish as a Second Language (SSL), SAT Math and Creative Math, English and SAT Essay Writing, Chess, Arts and Crafts, and Dance folkloric. This diversity ensures that all students can find courses that align with their interests and academic goals.

An unforgettable summer at the Latin American School camp

The summer camp organized by the Latin American School at the Consulate General of Mexico in Raleigh has come to an end, leaving behind an unforgettable experience and an invaluable opportunity for cultural exchange and personal growth for all the participants. For three weeks, the children had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the cultural richness of Latin America and strengthen friendship ties with people from different countries.

An unforgettable artistic experience: Sadith Salek

An unforgettable artistic experience, Sadith Salek makes her mark at the Latin American School camp.

Latin American School Summer Camp!

Are you looking for a fun and educational experience for your child this summer? Look no further! Our summer camp offers a unique opportunity for children to immerse themselves in Latin American culture while enjoying a wide range of exciting activities.

Latin American School (LATAM) opens in North Carolina

The opening of LATAM is an important step forward for the North Carolina community. The school provides a much-needed opportunity for children to receive a multicultural education. The founders of the school are confident that LATAM will have a positive impact on the lives of its students and the community in general. They are excited to see what the future holds for LATAM and for the community in North Carolina.

The contribution of Latinos in the Economic Development of the United States

The contribution of Latinos to the economic development of the United States is significant in areas such as the workforce, entrepreneurship, home buying and consumption. Latinos are an integral part of the United States economy and have contributed to the growth and prosperity of the country.
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RALEIGH — The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services is reporting the first pediatric flu-related death for the 2023-2024 flu season. A child in the western part of the state recently died from complications associated with influenza infection. To protect the family’s privacy, additional information will not be released.
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