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Thursday, June 1, 2023


Baalam Robotics Mexico

In the World Robotics Division Design 2023 held in Dallas Texas, Baalam Robotics Mexico had an outstanding participation, competing with other teams from around the world in various categories. The team stood out for its innovation, creativity, and skills in the construction and programming of robots, once again demonstrating the potential and talent of Chiapas students in educational robotics.
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Childhood portrait

Smiling and sipping a coffee, with a sweet, almost childish gaze and that jovial, authentic posture that we know him from his program El Rollo de Fili, there was the illustrious countryman who during his forty years of work photographed and showed us the other Colombia with its history, geography, culture and countless peoples and characters such as Gabriel García Márquez, Fanny Mike, Plinio Apuleyo Mendoza, Obregón, Botero, Shakira, Salvo Basilie, Gloria Valencia de Castaño, presidents, politicians, businessmen... also, Donald Trump and many others that were on the cover of some of the magazines with the largest national circulation or that are part of his seven published books, apart from those that are in the process of being published and disseminated.
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