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Saturday, June 10, 2023

Bemba Colora

Bemba Colorá

Let's talk today about the song Bemba Colorá, composed by the Cuban musician and composer José Claro Fúmero. José Claro was born in Matanzas in 1906 and was the arranger of most of the Afro-Cuban music in the repertoire of the famous Cuban orchestra La Sonora Matancera. However, it is likely that you recognize this song, not because of its composer, but because of the most famous singer who performed it: the great Afro-Cuban artist Celia Cruz, the queen of salsa, who in her long career performed a great number of songs that honor Afro-Cuban culture and its various religious practices.
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Code Orange Alerts Remain in Thursday’s Air Quality Forecast

North Carolina residents should continue to exercise caution while outside on Thursday due to smoke and fine particle pollution from Canadian wildfires. The N.C. Department of Environmental Quality’s Division of Air Quality (DAQ) and the Forsyth County Office of Environmental Assistance and Protection are issuing a Code Orange Air Quality Action Day for the entire state for Thursday, June 8. The Code Red Air Quality Action Alert that was in effect for central NC on Wednesday has been replaced with a Code Orange alert for the remainder of the day.
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