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Monday, March 20, 2023

Hector Lopez

Afro-Mexican communities and the defense of the sea turtle in Chacahua

There are currently around 2.5 million Afro-descendants living in the country who have historically been made invisible. However, despite the systematic racism exercised for centuries, they keep their culture and traditions alive. They actively seek to be recognized at the constitutional level to have access to government support.

The monarch butterfly and environmentalists in North Carolina. A journey to the roots

A group of farmers and environmental defenders made a trip to the beautiful town of Valle de Bravo in the State of Mexico in early January. Its main objective: to visit the protected natural reserve of Piedra Herrada, where thousands of monarch butterflies arrive to spend the winter in its majestic oyamel forests. These insects travel thousands of miles from Canada and the United States to meet and mate. Local people say that the butterflies are their ancestors who come to visit them and begin to arrive around the Day of the Dead celebrations.

Climate migration, the case of the Bahamas

The destructive passage of Hurricane Dorian, especially over the Bahamas archipelago at the beginning of September 2019, has given us new warning of the negative effects that climate change is having on ecosystems around the planet. The vast majority of the populations affected by this natural disaster are faced with the terrible reality of not only having lost their heritage, loved ones and community, but also the uncertainty of not knowing what will happen

About Me

Héctor nació en la Ciudad de México. Viajando por el continente americano, ha desarrollado diversos proyectos comunitarios enfocándose en la protección y regeneración de sistemas ecológicos locales con la finalidad de reforzar el tejido social. Héctor migró a los Estados Unidos en 2010 y en 2019 se mudó con su familia a Durham, Carolina del Norte donde tiene una pequeña granja en la que practica y enseña todo lo relacionado con la siembra tradicional, libre de agro tóxicos. Actualmente estudia la carrera de Letras Hispánica en la UNAM. Amante de la naturaleza y apasionado de la música, sigue descubriendo las maravillas de la diversidad cultural.

Latest News

The Latino Immigrant’s Struggle for Integration and Cultural Identity in the United States

For decades, the Latino community in the United States has struggled to find its place in a society that, although diverse, has presented many barriers to the integration of immigrant communities. Latinos have had to face racism, discrimination, poverty, and lack of access to resources and opportunities. But despite these obstacles, the Latino community has persevered and found ways to integrate into American society while preserving its culture and identity.