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Carlos Jarquin

Writers and poets from five continents in a single book

Our Planet Earth is the most splendid wonder of the universe, it is inhabited by millions and millions of species, many of which have disappeared or are in danger of extinction. From all that mysterious and enchanting variety, nature chose man to manage and take a position at the head of the sacred creation; and since it was assigned such an honorable mission, we have done nothing but destroy, to the point of eliminating defenseless species, we have been and continue to be irresponsible with the environment, some more than others of course.

Interview with the Costa Rican writer, poet and painter Ligia Calderón

Ligia has given her existence a lot of color and has done it to her full freedom, her success is synonymous with reference, since she discovered her talent for painting, her inspiration has been colorful ... Ligia is a daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, poet, artist but above all a great humanist, who throughout her life has been committed to carrying motivational messages through her artistic expressions (painting-literature) that so much adores.

Presentation of the novel “Matarratón”

The official and international launch of the novel "Marathon" was a luxurious presentation that lasted one hour and fifty minutes. After welcoming and thanking the guests who were given the opportunity to share a literary evening, the host author spoke to us in summary of his work. After his intervention, we gave the space to the Spanish writer and "creator of universes of magical colors" Julio L. Calderón, who read a paragraph of the book that we present. Then, the Puerto Rican writer, poet and international columnist Tania Anaid Ramos González, Azula, presented Wilson's literary profile.

About Me

Escritor y poeta escribo artículos de opiniones sobre temática de interés social, emprendimiento, cultura, arte, historia, política, medio ambiente, Ciencia, y tecnología, en mis escritos siempre procuro de que el lector quede tatuado con una profunda meditación, escribo un poco de todo y para todos. Me gustaría compartir parte del arte de mi pensar con los seguidores de este medio informativo. Será  un placer  llegar a los lectores de esta bella comunidad intelectual. Mi único interés es poder llevarles a los lectores un contenido de meditación universal, educación general y que mejor, aprovechar la oportunidad de la tecnología y de éste medio para que todos seamos protagonistas de ayudar a  desarrollar hábilmente las  incontables habilidades, de los fieles lectores.

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