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Monday, March 20, 2023

Alberto Juarez Vivas

The boy and the sea

Traveling to the sea on a Tuesday is something strange, of course it is not normal. But that happened. We decided to venture to the beaches of Poneloya, to be more precise, to the mouth. The intense heat of Holy Week forced us and we all somehow agreed. And we set sail.

Until proven otherwise

«You can go in peace!», finally said the priest Jesús, saying goodbye to the parishioners. The Nuevo Rosario church returned to its former condition of silence, sandalwood incense and darkness. The priest Jesús had been practicing the priesthood for five years and he spent his last years as a seminarian abroad. Upon finishing his religious studies, he asked his superiors to transfer him to his town, where a priest was needed to pray for the souls of the living and the dead.

The riddle of the library

If only this library could speak and tell all the mysterious events that have occurred in it, in its wide and twisted corridors, in the book shelves, where on many occasions it was reflected on the floor, the shadow of someone who was not there. Or the tables and chairs deliberately arranged in a cross, without anyone being able to provide an explanation of what happened.

About Me

Alberto Juárez Vivas, 27 septiembre 1964, León Nicaragua. Poeta y escritor. Promotor de la lectura y la escritura creativa en las instituciones educativas del país. Fundador del grupo escritores ESPJO de la ciudad de León. Fundador y director del programa cultural NOCHE INOLVIDABLE en Radio y Televisión. Ha sido parte de proyectos de promoción lectora como facilitador en VISION MUNDIAL CON EL PROYECTO LEO, COMENTO, IMAGINO Y CREO y otras instituciones. Entre sus obras publicadas destacan INFIERNO CLANDESTINO (POESIA) HORA QUEBRADA (POESIA), SOMBRAS DE LA GUADAÑA (TRES NOVELAS CORTAS), OBED Y OTROS CUENTOS (CUENTOS INFANTILES), CONSUMATUM EST (POEMAS EN PROSA, INEDITO) TU CUERPO, GUARIDA DE LOS PAJAROS (POESIA DE AMOR) . Actualmente prepara su próxima novela DEBAJO DEL ESCALPELO y SIN PREVIO AVISO. Ha publicado en la REVISTA EL HILO AZUL, 18 VOCES DE LA NARRATIVA NICARAGUENSE (ANTOLOGIA), ESE VIENTO QUE CANTA y otras antologías dispersas. Sus obras han sido publicadas en revistas, periódicos nacionales y extranjeros, así como en páginas virtuales de referente internacional como ACIC. Actualmente es colaborador de la página virtual TINAJA INTERCULTURAL.

Latest News

Important Federal Changes in Medicaid/CHIP Health Coverage

The state of emergency declared nation-wide due to COVID-19 led to the creation of public health policies that aimed to protect citizens from the health contingency. The laws included continuous Medicaid coverage under which beneficiaries were guaranteed uninterrupted coverage, with no need for an annual redetermination on the basis of changes in their household or their income.