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“Migrant Heart Binational Tour 2023” arrives at the General Consulate of Mexico in Raleigh

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In the heart of Raleigh, North Carolina, the Consulate General of Mexico became home to an art exhibit: “Tour Binational Corazón Migrante 2023”. This exciting group show, made up of 23 artists of Mexican origin located throughout the United States, arrives at the General Consulate of Mexico in Raleigh with the special participation of Laura Lesllo Mexican Plastic Artist. Through this exhibition, the artists capture the experience of the Mexican diaspora, exploring the complexity of identity and the emotional ties they maintain with their country of origin.

The Consulate General of Mexico in Raleigh was filled with emotion and color for the inauguration of the exhibition “Tour Binational Corazón Migrante 2023”. The Consul General of Mexico in Raleigh, Claudia Velasco Osorio, received the Secretary of the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources of North Carolina, Reid Wilson, accompanied by his wife at the Consulate facilities, who attended to participate in this inauguration. Their presence highlighted the cultural and social significance of the Mexican Diaspora in the United States. Together, Consul General Claudia Velasco Osorio, Secretary Reid Wilson and Laura Lesllo inaugurated the exhibition, joining efforts to highlight the importance of art and cultural diversity in the Mexican community.

Laura Lesllo, a plastic artist living in South Carolina, was the representative artist of the exhibition “Tour Binacional Corazón Migrante 2023” at the General Consulate of Mexico in Raleigh. Laura in her paintings reflects the nostalgia for her native land and the adaptation to her new life in the United States, and conveys the feelings of longing and hope that embrace the hearts of migrants. At the opening event, Laura presented to the public the 40 works from different media, including two cardboard and papier-mâché sculptures belonging to the 23 participating artists.

The exhibition “Tour Binational Corazón Migrante 2023” addresses dreams and challenges from an intimate and personal artistic perspective. Each work is a window into the lives of migrants, a unique story of struggle, perseverance and adaptation. Artists use various forms of expression, such as paintings and sculptures.

The heart is the symbol that unites all the pieces in this exhibition, representing the emotional connection that the artists have with their homeland. Some works are impregnated with vibrant colors that evoke the beauty and joy of Mexico, while others convey nostalgia and longing for the lost homeland. The diversity of perspectives is the common thread that unites the exhibition, and through these works of art, the artists seek to break stereotypes and build cultural bridges between communities.

The “Migrant Heart Binational Tour 2023” exhibition has been an opportunity to generate a social and cultural impact. The initiative of the 23 artists has made it possible to take this traveling exhibition to different Mexican consulates in the United States, bringing art closer to the community and promoting a dialogue about identity.

“Migrant Heart Binational Tour 2023” is an emotional and reflective journey that transcends borders and reminds us that, in the heart of every migrant, there beats the hope of finding a home, wherever they are. Thanks to the drive of the 23 artists, this exhibition continues to inspire meaningful conversations about cultural diversity and a sense of belonging in American society.

Route and Dates “Migrant Heart Binational Tour 2023”

Participating artists “Migrant Heart Binational Tour 2023”

plastic artists
vicky lowe
Karla Osete
Laura Lesllo
Monica Gisel
Ulises Villa Jr.
Juliet Aguilar
Maricruz Sibaja
Mauricio Zuniga
Laura Turon Moya
Sergio Nates
salvador rodriguez
Ruben Briseno Reveals
Gabriela Santos Ramos
Jose Luis Fitch Jimenez
Marco Antonio Sanchez
Raymundo Lopez Gomez
Rafael Perea de la Cabada
Maria Magdalena Hoyos Barria
Mario Alberto Martinez Mendez
Claudia Gabriela Jimenez Marvan
Maria de Lourdes Valverde Galindo
Fernando Andrade Hernandez
Jessica Rodriguez
Fashion designer
Juliet Zavala


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