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Baalam Robotics Mexico

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Photo courtesy Baalam Robotics

Baalam Robotics Mexico is an educational robotics team based in Chiapas, Mexico, led by Maestro Daniel Alfaro Solis, started in 2014 with the mission of introducing basic education students to technology and fostering their interest in science. , technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Since then, the team has made important achievements in educational robotics in collaboration with various institutions.

In the last eight years, Baalam Robotics Mexico has placed itself at the forefront of the VEX IQ platform thanks to the ability and enthusiasm of the young people belonging to this team.

Baalam Robotics has participated in various robotics events and competitions locally, nationally and internationally, proving its skill and dedication in building and programming robots.

In the World Robotics Division Design 2023 held in Dallas Texas, Baalam Robotics Mexico had an outstanding participation, competing with other teams from around the world in various categories. The team stood out for its innovation, creativity, and skills in the construction and programming of robots, once again demonstrating the potential and talent of Chiapas students in educational robotics.

Photo courtesy Baalam Robotics
Photo courtesy Baalam Robotics
Photo courtesy Baalam Robotics

Daniel Alfaro Solis coach of the Baalam Robotics Mexico team.
“My taste for technology was what gave me the opportunity to have a certification from a United States University to be able to carry out Educational Robotics. The greatest satisfaction is that the children get to know other cultures, another society, another part of the science, extend the vision to all these young people.”

Yeira Alejandra Garcia Trujillo
“The message to the kids who want to join the robotics club: this has to be something that really appeals to them that they want to do it, do things well and live the experience.”

Luis Hiram Alfaro Giron
I am passionate about character design, drawing and everything that has to do with the arts, this I lean towards robot design. I joined the robotics club since first grade, seeing the different generations that have passed within the club is something that makes me very proud. “Young people who want to achieve their dreams pursue it and carry it out, this can be a once in a lifetime experience.”

Nelly Lorena Juárez Solórzano
My love for construction and programming was what made me take part in this project. My passion for robotics began when I was seven years old. “It’s not all about winning, losing is part of the lesson” “I feel proud to be able to represent Mexico in World Cups.”

Jorge Ramiro Lopez de la Cruz
“Opportunities do not come to you, you have to go towards opportunities”

Silvana León Tadeo captain of the Baalam Robotics Mexico team.
I try and give my best. “Always fight for what you want and never give up”

Bruno Alberto Mier Garcia
“Have initiative and taste with topics related to robotics or technology, effort and patience which leads you to be part of these tournaments”

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