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The celebration of Children’s Day in Latin America

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Children’s Day is a very important celebration in Latin America, where the importance of children and their right to a happy and safe childhood is recognized.

In many Latin American countries, Children’s Day is a very important celebration that involves the whole family. On these days, special activities are organized for children, such as parades, games, contests, music and theater shows, and many other fun activities.

In Mexico, for example, Children’s Day is a national holiday, where children receive gifts and parents organize special activities for them. In Brazil, children participate in recreational activities in parks and squares, while in Colombia, parades are organized in the streets to celebrate the day.

In other countries such as Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, the Dominican Republic, and Uruguay, Children’s Day is also celebrated with special activities, games, and gifts.

The dates of celebration of Children’s Day in some Latin American countries are:

Argentina: August 20
Bolivia: April 12
Brazil: October 12
Chile: August 9
Colombia: Last Saturday of April
Costa Rica: September 9
Ecuador: Last Sunday of April
El Salvador: October 1
Guatemala: October 1
Honduras: September 10
Mexico: April 30
Nicaragua: June 1
Panama: 3rd Sunday of July
Paraguay: August 16
Peru: Third Sunday of August
Dominican Republic: Last Sunday of July
Uruguay: Second Sunday of August
Venezuela: Third Sunday of July

It is important to note that the dates may vary in each country or even within the regions of each country. However, all these dates have in common the celebration of children and the importance of their well-being and happiness.


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