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El Colectivo NC rejects anti-immigrant bills

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El Colectivo NC
El Colectivo NChttps://elcolectivonc.org/
El Colectivo NC es un grupo de membresía de organizaciones de base Latinx, organizaciones sin fines de lucro Latinx y grupos y organizaciones aliadas en Carolina del Norte que trabajan para fortalecer los grupos de base y las organizaciones comunitarias, trabajar por la justicia de los inmigrantes y sus familias, y aumentar el poder colectivo. de las comunidades directamente afectadas.


Raleigh, NC. – El Colectivo NC strongly rejects anti-immigrant and xenophobic bills that have been introduced (most of them had already been vetoed) in the General Assembly, as well as similar bills that will be introduced in the following weeks. The HB10/SB 50, HB40, HB63, HB64 and SB49 bills not only harm local families but our community as a whole. These bills are based on racism, hate, xenophobia, and misinformation and only put immigrants, minorities, and LGBTQ youth at risk.

Here’s how these bills will impact North Carolinians:

● HB10/SB 50 seeks to force every duly elected sheriff in North Carolina to cooperate with ICE. This bill would terrorize families, resulting in increased family separation and the undermining of relationships between immigrant communities and law enforcement. It would also increase racial profiling, a serious issue that has been repeatedly shown to be ineffective and harmful. In addition, this bill would undermine public safety for everyone.

● HB40 is designed to harm and limit the voices of Black, brown, and historically marginalized communities, and it represents a step backward fo justice and equality. It ignores the systemic inequalities that exist in our justice system and would only perpetuate the cycle of mass incarceration. Furthermore, this bill would stifle the voices of those who are already marginalized and make it harder for them to advocate for change.

● HB63 would require state agencies that issue professional occupational licenses to verify the immigration status of applicants. This bill is discriminatory and harmful. It would prevent many talented and hardworking individuals from pursuing their chosen careers and contributing to their communities. Moreover, this bill would have a disproportionate impact on communities of color and immigrants, who are already facing significant obstacles in accessing professional opportunities.

● HB64 would require an additional tax on remittances which would have a devastating impact on millions of families and communities who rely on remittances to support their loved ones. It sends a message that these communities are not valued and that their financial struggles are being ignored.

● SB49 would require schools to notify parents if a child requests to change their names or pronouns, among other provisions. This bill is a direct threat to the safety and well-being of LGBTQ+ students. Moreover, this bill could discourage students from coming out or seeking support from school staff, which could have detrimental effects on their mental health such as depression and anxiety, and increase the risk of suicide among not only LGBTQ+ youth in North Carolina, but adults as well.

We oppose these anti-immigrant and xenophobic bills that would create a climate of fear and uncertainty for many local families, causing them to live in hiding and not access critical resources such as health care and education. Undocumented immigrants are longtime members of our communities and have made significant economic contributions to North Carolina. They bring diversity, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit to the country, and fill important labor shortages in industries such as agriculture, technology, and healthcare. They pay taxes and consume goods and services, which helps to support the economy.

We stand in solidarity with immigrant, minority and LGBTQ communities and call on our elected officials to reject these harmful and discriminatory bills. We also urge them to put aside political agendas and work together to create a fair and humane immigration system. We must stand up for the rights of ALL individuals and ensure that our policies reflect the values that this country was founded on: justice, equality, and compassion.

“We will continue to fight against these harmful bills. El Colectivo NC is committed to advancing the rights and well-being of immigrant and minority communities. We believe in a just and equitable society where all individuals are treated with respect and dignity.” – Antelmo Salazar, president of El Colectivo NC.


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