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Meet: Oliver Pratt, Fine Artist

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Born in Mexico in 1996 L. Oliver Pratt is a Mexican fine artist with 8 years of experience in figurative sculpture in various media and techniques.

Interested from an early age in Art. The discovery of clay and plasticine led him to start his self-taught apprenticeship at the age of 19, completed with a diploma from the Hellenic Cultural Center in 2016.

Techniques such as lost wax bronze, wood carving and resin casts have been an important part of his work.

Expressing themes such as death, life and nature, he has managed to develop his technique and his concept. Sculpting human and animal figure.


Inspired by great sculptors both classic and contemporary, learning never ends for Oliver Pratt.

He is currently developing a new collection of wood carvings inspired by childhood with tribal aesthetics from various parts of the world and historical moments.


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