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Lupita Play

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Carolina Fonseca
Carolina Fonseca
Carolina Fonseca Originaria de México, nos comparte su historia detrás de su su libro "Lupita y la Magia de México" ... "Crecí en el sistema de escuelas públicas y aprendí que la única manera de estar unidad conmigo misma y mi familia era en celebrar la unidad de mis dos culturas."

I have great news to share with you! Our children’s book, Lupita and the Magic of Mexico is being turned into a community play production through a partnership with Revista Latina NC. Our play will be part of the Cultural Festival, Dia del Niño at the outdoor Raleigh Little Theatre on April 30.

How can you and the family participate? We’re looking for actors, artists, singers, dancers, etc. of all ages! Auditions will be held on February 11 at the Raleigh Theatre Rose Garden from 1PM – 4PM.

The goal of this play is to unite our families through Lupita’s story and by using both English and Spanish in the play.

Theatre Script, Schedule, and Registration to audition can be found here.

Please continue to share this with others. We can’t wait for you to join the magic!


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