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A life to remember

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Maria del Refugio Sandoval Olivas
Maria del Refugio Sandoval Olivas
Hgo del Parral, Chihuahua, México La pasión por escribir se manifestó desde su juventud, consolidando su primer encuentro formal, con su participación en el año 2002 en Historias de Migrantes, en el 2007, responde a    convocatoria emitida por la SEP y su historia de vida docente es seleccionada en la antología“Huellas en el tiempo”. En el 2009 publica el libro autobiográfico “Anhelos, sueños y esperanzas”, en el 2011 “Una Rosa sin Espinas”, 2013 es antologada en “Experiencias directivas exitosas”, 2015 y 2016 antologada en “Monografía de Competencias docentes”, convocadas por ENSECH; colaboradora en el Diseño de guías estatales para trabajar los Consejos Técnicos Escolares, autora de varias ponencias publicadas digitalmente,  como “Oralidad de la Lengua” en Argentina,  asistente y ponente en Congresos Educativos, dictaminadora del Congreso Nacional de Investigación Educativa, cuento “Dulce” publicado en 2018,  “Suspiros rotos” poemario publicado en 2019, cuentito “La navidad y yo” 2019; además,  es editorialista semanal en el periódico “El Sol de Parral”. Jubilada de SEP en el 2017 sigue aportando al sector educativo como: tallerista para padres de familia, docentes, alumnos y público en general. Conferencista en distintos niveles educativos en el estado de Chihuahua. Participante activa en los “Encuentros de escritores parralenses” Cuenta cuentos en preescolar y primaria. Practica el cachibol, en la Delegación de jubilados y pensionados DIV2 Socia activa de la Benémerita y Centenaria “Sociedad Mutualista Miguel Hidalgo”
“We don’t get a chance to do a lot of things, so every one of them should be great. Because this is our life. Life is short, and then we die, you know? We choose what to do with our lives. So this had better be something impressively good. It better be worth it.”
Steve Jobs

a life to remember

Two specific dates are recorded in the enclosure that keeps his home (1928-2023), this data allows us to calculate the years lived, far from being able to glimpse the sowing and harvest that was taking place over more than nine decades of existence. The family context was a trigger that had a great influence on its development, as well as generational genetics; Since he was little, he was distinguished by that spark of intelligence and creativity, expressing himself through ingenuity, inventing and adapting ordinary utensils until he achieved something extraordinary, like interpreting the sounds of the marimba, using glass bottles that contained different amounts of water; Another of these inventions was the barrimba, made with iron bars of different thickness and length, which became imitators of the sound of this instrument. The tololoche represented him with a circular bucket of water and a pedestal with ropes; he could play the sound of several musical instruments at the same time; talent that he shared with the Ballezana community, brightening with his participation the school festivities and other social and cultural events of the town, where his mere presence generated an additive of complacency, approval and admiration, for his excellent artistic contribution.

Don. Jesús Medina Sandoval was a person who learned by intuition, self-training, with a selective and prodigious memory, which he fed with commitment, dedication, perseverance and discipline; his ideas did not remain dormant in limbo, but were put into action. He built a shovel or stirrer that worked with a motor, to be in charge of moving the thick milk or cajeta that was cooking in the saucepan; He made a vest and clothing with recyclable products from “Coca Cola”, earning him an award for his ingenuity.

Restless and lively by nature, he learned to drive an airplane, to perform magic tricks, leaving the audience dumb with astonishment at his genius; Without having a total command of English and the Rarámuri dialect, he managed to communicate without problems. He had his portable typewriter, which he handled with precision and mastery, when a large part of the population hardly had access to and mastery of basic literacy.

Living and growing up in a town entails a different perspective of perceiving daily life, you enjoy different things, such as coexistence and socialization with the community, in such a way that you become a big family, where each one is aware of what happens to the other, celebrating their achievements, joys, obstacles and sadness. In previous years, there was a lack of comforts and advances that were available in the city, so a person, like Don Jesús Antonio Medina Sandoval, knew how to arouse astonishment and admiration, since he was a man with very distinctive qualities and characteristics in his being and doing, he had a kind, empathetic and assertive character and personality, he knew how to listen to people and invited them to be a partner in his multiple anecdotes and narrated stories.

He served as town clerk in two municipal administrations, becoming manager of some of the major advances of that time, such as electrification. He was also known as a poet, due to his manifest ease in inventing verses; He liked to compose life, peoples and national, state and local characters, exalting their work and leaving an indelible mark with this.

During his working life, he worked as a merchant; the name of his business was “Chácharas y chucherías Chuchi”, which later changed to the “New World”. This activity allowed him to meet and interact with the inhabitants of Balleza and surrounding points, because in addition to having the requested merchandise available, he offered quality and warmth in his treatment. He was even one of the first settlers to have his own van to transport his merchandise from the city to the town.

He was known as a great innovator, because in addition to creating and inventing some objects to simplify work, he was a pioneer in bringing to town objects unknown to the rest of the community, such as instant photography cameras, video cameras, itself, which It was used to record the important events that took place, where a large part of the people who lived there were part of, call it parades, civic parades, school events, among others. Watching his smiling figure behind the lens, capturing and immortalizing those moments, made one think of a kind of magic that was taking place and he was the magician who made it possible.

In its commercial space, the saddlery was also worked, working with art various leather items; the first copier was installed; The mere fact of witnessing these technological advances that reached the town filled the hearts of its inhabitants with gratitude, distinguishing their presence, not only for what they did, but for the friendship and coexistence, offered with full hands. Many of their friends have gone to their eternal home, but the people of Balleza continue to remember the anecdotes, sayings and phrases that they coined at the time. Just to name a few: Pompeyo Jáquez, Félix Vázquez, Pedro and Leoncio Javalera. They survive him, Francisco Tarín, Cristóbal Moreno, among a few others.

Young people interested in learning about music sought his advice and advice, they knew of his experience and knowledge, coupled with his availability and spirit of service. Several of them joined the improvised groups to perform their music before the people, among them, one of their greatest admirers and who later recorded some of their melodies, Antonio Loera.

These moments could fade into the dust of oblivion, however, a person whose thoughts, deeds, and actions were recorded, not only in the memory of his great family and in the community that witnessed and was part of this growth and coexistence, but through his artistic creations, because what is written is indelible, waiting for someone to read or interpret those moments of inspiration, ideas, thoughts and emotions literally captured by the pen, when printed on the page; because through writing, the moment is immortalized and made perpetual, more than a hundred musical compositions sprang from his inspiration and intellect, imprinting melody, rhythm and tonal structure, portraying the life of the town, its characters, experiences and unique moments that should be an inherent part of the collective remembrances and the historical archive of the community, because no one can value without knowing, and knowledge is the window where future generations can admire his life and artistic work, because he is recognized like a banner of ballezano pride.

He married Mrs. Socorro Leal, from that union ten children were born, two of them already deceased. Each and every one of them stands out for that heritage they received from their parents, both genetic and cultural; he is survived by a nonagenarian sister, nineteen grandchildren, and twenty-three great-grandchildren.

What a posthumous tribute to a man who lived his life to the fullest, enjoying health for almost ninety-six years, surrounded and sheltered by the love of his loved ones.

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