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Virgen of Guadalupe – Tonantzin

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Alicia De Dios Fernandez
Alicia De Dios Fernandez
Inmigrante Mexicana. Originaria del estado de Hidalgo, Organizadora, comunitaria, Activista de derechos humanos. Le gusta colaborar en actividades y causas comunitarias . Escribir es parte de ella . Escribe poemas, pensamientos , artículos , ensayos como parte de auto aprendizaje

Guadalupe’s Virgen

Since pre-Hispanic times, ancient cultures worshiped Tonantzin, which means “Our mother” in Nahuatl and is considered the mother of all Gods.

Tonantzin, was venerated by the Mexicas and different cultures that traveled from remote times to the Tepeyac hill where the church of Our Lady of Guadalupe is now built.

This is how there is a relationship between the Virgen of Guadalupe and the Pre-Hispanic Goddess Tonantzin and for that reason dances prevail today as part of the preservation of our history, customs and faith traditions.

So much so that the communities from the central zone of Mexico (Otomi and Nahuatl) organized themselves this December 11 and 12 in North Carolina to celebrate the Virgen of Guadalupe with songs, dances and rosaries, today where All Catholic Mexicans are united by faith and love, managing to transmit our faith and customs from generation to generation.

Tonantzin or Virgen of Guadalupe makes us reaffirm the presence of a divine Mother from before and after.


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