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Last ID Day of 2022 in Wake County

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Issuance of IDs will take place on December 2 at the Center for Hispanic Families

Raleigh. NC.- Next Friday, December 2, El Pueblo will carry out the last issuance of the 2022 community identifications. This event will be at the Center for Hispanic Families from 2:00 to 6:30 pm.

Those interested must register online to make an appointment by entering https://bit.ly/3ARTZxz . In addition, present certain documents that certify your identity and address.

“It is important that people present the original documents. A photo ID is required to prove your identity, no matter if it has expired. While to verify your address it can be a service bill with a maximum age of three months or a lease, for example”, indicated Mónica Drasal-Hinton, in charge of the Community ID program of El Pueblo.

Drasal-Hinton explained that registrants receive text messages or calls to remind them of their appointment and the requirements they must meet.

More than 600 issued IDs

Part of the FaithAction International House network, the Community Action ID Program began in Wake County on February 23 of this year and is, to this day, recognized by the Wake County Sheriff’s Office and the Raleigh and Fuquay Varina Police Departments.

In addition, he is accepted at the YMCA of Southeast Raleigh, NCIAP Peoples (known as the People’s Clinic), Alliance Medical Ministry, and Urban Ministry, among others.

“Since the program began, we have issued more than 600 IDs, mostly to Wake residents. But, also many who live in other counties and who work in Raleigh, Cary and other surrounding cities,” Drasal-Hinton explained. “Most of those who have processed the

ID are originally from Mexico, Venezuela, Honduras and El Salvador.

As the program progresses, the Community ID Coalition, made up of various organizations and local grassroots groups, hopes that more police departments and businesses will join this initiative.

“What we have heard every day is the need for our community to have a document that allows them not only to identify themselves to law enforcement, but also to help them cash a check, open a bank account, present it at schools of their children or libraries. So we are calling on businesses, schools and more police departments to recognize these IDs,” Drasal-Hinton said.


  • Be present at orientation
  • Identification document with photograph (Passport, driver’s license, it does not matter if it is expired, DNI, Consular Registration or ID from the country of origin).
  • Document that certifies the address (Public or medical utility bills, bank account statement or lease, among others).
  • $10 cash.


Date: December 2

Location: Center for Hispanic Families (2013 Raleigh Blvd. Raleigh, NC 27604)

Time: From 2:00 to 6:30 pm

Link for appointments: https://bit.ly/3ARTZxz .


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