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sneaky encounters

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Wilson Rogelio Enciso
Wilson Rogelio Enciso
Escritor colombiano (Chaguaní, 4/15 de julio de 1958), profesional en Ciencias Políticas y Administrativas (Administrador público), especializado en Administración de la Planeación Urbana y Regional y diplomado en: Docencia Universitaria, Educación Virtual, Educación a Distancia y Planeación Estratégica. Laboró con el Estado colombiano entre 1978 y 2015 y fue docente universitario de 1986 a 2012. Es autor de una saga de dieciséis novelas, dos en proceso y cuatro en perspectiva, dos compilaciones de narraciones románticas y más de sesenta relatos. Obras publicadas: La iluminada muerte de Marco Aurelio Mancipe , 2016, novela. Con derrotero incierto , 2017, novela. Enfermos del alma , 2018, novela. El frío del olvido , 2019, novela. Amé en silencio, y en silencio muero , 2017, compilación de narraciones románticas. Matarratón, 2021, novela. Es autor de cuentos y relatos que sube de manera periódica a redes y que publica en Revista Latina NC , en Escondite Literario Tropical y en su página wrenciso.com . Fundó y gestiona desde 2016 la iniciativa literaria: Una novela para cada escuela . Busca incentivar la lectura desde el aula de clase en lugares remotos y de difícil acceso a la literatura, tanto en su país como en otras partes del mundo.

Every day at 6:40 am they meet in the same place, without fail! After kissing and hugging each other with undisguised passion and passionate love, they sit on the matchless hard cement bench under the concupiscent shade of a proud and old pine tree that guards, no one knows since when, that small popular neighborhood park.

There, usually for fifteen or twenty minutes, without any shadow of sorrow… it would be better to say: with lost modesty! he always brings from home, where he may come from to go to work. Places from which, perhaps, your partner comes and where he may go after the exhausting work night.

It is possible that the origins and destinations of each one of them will not fit. What is evident, and the two make the time, manner and place agree with meridian precision, is their morning and daily love encounter in the park…regardless of the weather conditions. This variant, nor any, never seems to affect them. The date is always kept by both of them.

Each time, after an infinity of caresses, kisses and words, whoever comes from the south, where the mass transit station is a few blocks away, reluctantly gets up and shows the clock. Perhaps it is about the hour of entrance to the newspaper. Then, they give each other the last syrupy and prolonged kiss and as if it hurts them to let go of each other’s hands… at last they do it and he sets out on his way north, where his partner always comes from. In its surroundings there is an immense and well-known industrial area.

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