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Raleigh City Council Candidate Forums to be Held

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Raleigh, NC – WakeUP Wake County, in partnership with AARP North Carolina, Blue Ridge Corridor Alliance, El Pueblo, Habitat for Humanity of Wake County, Hillsborough Street Community Service Corporation, Raleigh/Apex NAACP, NC Asian Americans Together, League of Women Voters of Wake County, LGBT Center of Raleigh, Muslim American Public Affairs Council, and Oaks & Spokes, is hosting the 2022 Raleigh City Council Candidate Forum Series leading up to the November midterm elections.

During the month of September, Raleigh citizens will be able to interact with candidates running in their districts and ask them questions about issues that are of concern to them and their families. People can sign up for forum updates and submit questions online at https://bit.ly/2022RalForums .

This coalition was created to reach voters of color, low-income voters, and historically under-invested communities and participate in upcoming local elections.

Municipalities have sole authority on issues such as zoning, affordable housing investments, and public transportation, yet the majority of residents who participate in local elections are often not the residents who most need these investments.

This coalition will bring together residents who will be most affected by local government decisions to hear what the candidates have to say on important issues.

Next November, voters will decide who will represent us in Washington DC, but just as important is who represents us locally on the Raleigh City Council.

Local decisions have a huge impact on our daily lives – decisions that determine whether residents can access safe and reliable public transportation, affordable housing, walkable and resilient neighborhoods, and important services like parks and utilities.

Voter participation in local elections is critical to ensuring a prosperous and representative community.

The Forum Series will help inform Raleigh voters about who is running for office and learn more about the responsibilities of local elected officials.

These events will also give voters the opportunity to hear from candidates firsthand about some of our community’s most pressing issues: affordable housing, public transportation, inflation and rising costs, to name a few.

In 2019, less than 17% of registered voters participated in Raleigh municipal elections. This year, we hope to engage more voters for stronger turnout in November, especially on the other side of the ballot.


The 2022 Raleigh City Council Candidate Forum Series will host seven separate events:

  • One for each set of district candidates in that district,
  • An At-Large Forum at Artspace in downtown Raleigh on September 27,
  • A Mayors Forum at the Muslim Community and Youth Center on October 1.

More details at https://bit.ly/2022RalForums .

The forums will be in person, held outside of normal business hours, and will have limited on-site child care. Those unable to attend can watch live at WRAL.com.

Courtesy: Prensa El Pueblo, Inc.

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