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Wilson Rogelio Enciso
Wilson Rogelio Enciso
Escritor colombiano (Chaguaní, 4/15 de julio de 1958), profesional en Ciencias Políticas y Administrativas (Administrador público), especializado en Administración de la Planeación Urbana y Regional y diplomado en: Docencia Universitaria, Educación Virtual, Educación a Distancia y Planeación Estratégica. Laboró con el Estado colombiano entre 1978 y 2015 y fue docente universitario de 1986 a 2012. Es autor de una saga de dieciséis novelas, dos en proceso y cuatro en perspectiva, dos compilaciones de narraciones románticas y más de sesenta relatos. Obras publicadas: La iluminada muerte de Marco Aurelio Mancipe , 2016, novela. Con derrotero incierto , 2017, novela. Enfermos del alma , 2018, novela. El frío del olvido , 2019, novela. Amé en silencio, y en silencio muero , 2017, compilación de narraciones románticas. Matarratón, 2021, novela. Es autor de cuentos y relatos que sube de manera periódica a redes y que publica en Revista Latina NC , en Escondite Literario Tropical y en su página wrenciso.com . Fundó y gestiona desde 2016 la iniciativa literaria: Una novela para cada escuela . Busca incentivar la lectura desde el aula de clase en lugares remotos y de difícil acceso a la literatura, tanto en su país como en otras partes del mundo.

Only one condition Ester Julia imposed on Efrén Sepúlveda to forgive him and accept the new marriage proposal after those sixty years of absence!, since when he left her standing at the door of the town church.

Once the old man, with a trembling step and a bouquet of red roses in his hand, entered the clinic room where he had just undergone surgery on the hip that he fractured when he woke up from that dream and fell to the ground, she received him with that mischievous smile that characterized her all her life, without being daunted by anything, despite the pain that squeezed her soul since she was young.

—Old damned!, I forgive you and I accept those flowers and the promise to marry us, with one condition…

“Whatever you say, love, whatever you say… I’ll do it this time!”

—That you will never run away from me again, nor will you leave me alone… not even when the bald guy comes for one of the two. May that day take us back in time or return with its hook wherever it arrives!

—So it will be, I swear, from now on, forever together, my Ester Julia.

It was four years, three months and nine days of happiness after getting married behind closed doors in that village church, the one from then, sixty years ago.

They enjoyed to the fullest, and in their own way, having met again, being accompanied and remembering the dream day, with the respective flimsy justifications that Efrén reiterated to her and that she lovingly accepted him… until when a deadly incubated virus took them to the hospital. weather.

La pelona found them holding hands, together, as Ester Julia had requested.

Efrén this time complied.


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