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Avoid being a victim of a scam

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USA gov en espanol
USA gov en espanol
USAGov es un programa federal administrado por la Administración General de Servicios (GSA, sigla en inglés). Somos la guía de información y servicios en español e inglés sobre las agencias, departamentos y programas del Gobierno. Nuestra misión es ayudar al público a encontrar respuesta a sus preguntas a través de nuestro sitio USAGov en Español. Creamos contenido oficial bilingüe fácil de entender en forma de texto, videos e infografías, que explican los procesos, servicios, programas del Gobierno.

Photo by Mikhail.pexels.

Phone calls or emails from impostors posing as federal employees are becoming more common every day. Don’t fall for scammers posing as government agents offering to help you get your economic impact payment faster or threatening to send the police to your home, arrest you for not paying your taxes, or take away your Social Security benefits .

If you suspect you are being the victim of a scam or fraud:

  1. Do not transfer money or pay with a prepaid debit card even if you are insisted. Just don’t do it.
  2. Never share personal information like your Social Security number, credit card number or others.
  3. Do not click on the links sent to you by email, instead open a new window and find the official website of the relevant agency .
  4. Report it .

For more information on these and other scams and to learn how to identify and report them, visit USAGov’s scams and fraud page in Spanish .


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