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What does the “Leandro Plan” mean for our community?

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Carolina Forward
Carolina Forward
Political Organization. Carolina Forward believes in North Carolina’s future as a strong, diverse, multiracial democracy. We believe that attempts to curtail the people’s voice through gerrymandering, voter suppression and racial disenfranchisement are betrayals of American democracy. We believe that first-class schools, affordable housing, universal healthcare, racial justice, environmental protection and a thriving economy are not tradeoffs. They are all mutually complementary and necessary for one another. We believe that corporate money is unavoidably corrupting to the democratic process, and that it is too entrenched in North Carolina politics – in both parties. We believe that progressives must lead. Right-wing ideologues have badly failed our state. We will work with anyone to achieve good things for North Carolina, but our focus is on making sure our state’s leadership is aligned with progressive change.

The Leandro Plan is an implementation plan for educational policy that emerged from the Leandro v. State, where the North Carolina Supreme Court. In the case, the court decided that the state had failed to meet its constitutional mandate to provide every student in the state with a “solid basic education.”

The Leandro Plan was designed by legal and educational policy experts to ensure that the educational system in North Carolina adequately complied with constitutional obligations.

Projected County Impact of the Leandro Plan

Using the results of Every Child NC ‘s analysis of the Plan, Carolina Forward has developed this map of the state with specific measures of changes in resources that should occur by county. Find out what approval of Leandro Plan means for your community:

Tell your state representatives to fulfill their obligations
constitutional rights and approve Plan Leandro now.

Author: Carolina Forward & Eliazar Posada


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