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ULG Navigators Program

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United Language Group - Programa ULG
United Language Group - Programa ULG
ULG es un programa financiada con fondos federales creado para servir a la comunidad sin seguro médico en el estado de Carolina del Norte. Nuestros Navegadores certificados son bilingües en inglés y español. Brindamos asistencia sin costo a las personas que buscan cobertura de seguro médico a través del Mercado de salud. Operamos durante todo el año para ayudar a los consumidores a completar sus solicitudes e inscribirse proporcionando citas por teléfono, video y en persona. En este momento estamos en un periodo especial de inscripción, esto significa que las personas que han tenido algún cambio en su vida como: Perdida de trabajo, tuvo un bebe, se mudó, se casó, nuevo estatus migratorio y también todos esos estudiantes universitarios que no tendrán seguro médico al graduarse pueden calificar para un seguro médico. Estamos aquí para servirles de 8am a 5pm de lunes a viernes,nos puede contactar al 866-920-1926.

In 2021, United Language Group received a federal grant making it possible to expand upon their mission to remove language barriers. In this new endeavor, ULG assists people in accessing health insurance, specifically those that may find it difficult to obtain coverage due to a language barrier. Unfortunately, many people do not even try to enroll in a medical plan for fear of not being able to navigate the healthcare marketplace application. The process, the terms, or being able to answer the necessary questions can be difficult to understand. For this reason, the ULG Navigator Program was born.

The ULG Navigator Program aims to eliminate the main linguistic obstacles to help the Latino community that, due to lack of language proficiency, is at a disadvantage compared to other communities. ULG Certified Navigators are equipped to provide a service that includes appointments by phone, virtually or in-person. Our bilingual certified navigators are available from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. To make an appointment during the weekend please contact us.

Right now, the Healthcare Marketplace is in a special enrollment period. This means that if you have lost your job, moved, had a baby, or your immigration status has changed, you may qualify for health insurance. College students who are in the process of graduating may also qualify, as many may lose the health coverage provided by the school they attend.

For more information, contact us: 1-866-1926.

Our services are of charge.

*Assistance is available in both English and Spanish. Interpretation for all other languages can be provided upon request.


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