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The little star

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Esmeralda Garcia Avila
Esmeralda Garcia Avilahttp://www.amazon.com/author/esmeralda
Esmeralda Garcia-Avila, nació en la Ciudad de México, actualmente reside en Chicago, Illinois. Trabajadora Social, actualmente cursando una licenciatura en psicología en San Agustin College en Chicago. Ha escrito una novela titulada "El niño" y dos cuentos para niños "La pequeña estrella" y "Pelitos la hormiga" disponibles en Inglés y español.Ella se define como una amante de las letras, que deja volar su imaginación y plasmar con palabras, lo que le dicen las estrellas y esos instantes que dejan huella en su corazón.

Esmeralda Garcia-Avila
Chicago, Ill.
Story: “The Little Star”

For the girl who taught me that
there is no better business card
that a smile on the lips.

Laura Monserrat Altamirano Garcia

Tell the story that once upon a time,
such a small star, but so
small, who felt that because of her size, the
stars bigger than her hid her
brightness. Every evening when the sun went down
sleep, she cried with sadness knowing that
Like every night I wouldn’t have someone with
play, because all the stars already had their
friends and did not accept strangers.

The little star lived in a little house
yellow color and had as a neighbor the
moon, who saw her cry every night
from his window for not having friends with
who run and jump between the clouds, such
as did the other stars.

One night, Mrs. Moon did not see the
little star recharged in her window.
Intrigued, she went to his house and touched his
door. Knock Knock. But nobody responded.
So the moon came to the window
and asked: Little star, where are you?

And the little star answered: “In my
room. Come in Lady Moon.” But
the moon one night before had eaten
so much that it was full and did not enter
Through the door. So he asked the
little star that came to the window
To greet her.

The little star rose from his
little bed and upon reaching the window, the
Mrs. Moon understood that the
little star was sick with sadness.

Mrs. Moon after greeting the
little star, went home trying to
find a solution for the
little star instead of crying for not having
friends, enjoy life and have fun
like the other little stars of his age. The
nerves and worries forced the
moon to eat more than normal. So
to think better, he approached a plate of
fruit and as he tasted the grapes, he said:
A surprise party, that’s what I’ll do!

At that time, Lady Moon called
the owls of the forest and ordered them to
They will look for the biggest and most beautiful cloud.
After finding her, they had to
decorate with balloons and colored lights. At
fairies of the night asked them to do
cakes for the party the moon for its part
He invited all the stars of the universe.

The next night, Lady Moon
He went to the window with the little star and
invited to a party. the little star
smiled and happily entered his room
wear a dress and a bow
head. As they walked, the little star
sang and jumped with emotion, since by
First time going to a party.

But when arriving at the place, the cloud was
dark and empty. the little star
he was afraid of trusting the
Señora Luna and go with her, well her mom
he always told her not to talk much
Less go out with strangers. scared, the
little star I look at the moon and just
when I was going to tell him that I wanted to return
home, he heard: SURPRISE!

And the place was filled with lights and colored balloons.
All the stars came to her and
took them to the center of the cloud where there was
a table with 9 magical colored cakes
They grant wishes when tasted.

The surprised little star said: “Never
I thought the party was for me. I thought that
for being so small and living in a house
different, no one wanted to be my friend.” But
a star interrupted her: “You are wrong
little Star. No one comes close to you because you are
the most important star in the universe. You
you are the only one who lives in a colored house
yellow and you have the moon as a neighbor.
Thanks to the brightness that you reflect, we
we shine so brightly.”

“We think that because we are not equal to you, you are not
you wanted to play with us.” the little one
star began to dance happy to know that
she was special and important. understood
that it is not good to feel inferior to others and
hide. It is important to have friends and
talk to our parents about what we
worries, because many times what
we see as imperfections or
problems, they can be the perfections that we
make them unique and special.

From that night on, the little star
he goes out to play with his new friends;
jumping through the clouds to the
dawn. Tired from playing so much, she leaves
to sleep happily in his bed and thus recover
strength for the next night.

Every time the little star laughs,
the universe celebrates its joy with
a shower of shooting stars.

Esmeralda Garcia Avila. in the little star,
offers us a beautiful story, full of imagination
and with a very positive message for our children.
Who is the little star? Because it is
important to pay attention to what surrounds us? The
little star, will answer these questions for you.

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