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Wilson Rogelio Enciso
Wilson Rogelio Enciso
Escritor colombiano (Chaguaní, 4/15 de julio de 1958), profesional en Ciencias Políticas y Administrativas (Administrador público), especializado en Administración de la Planeación Urbana y Regional y diplomado en: Docencia Universitaria, Educación Virtual, Educación a Distancia y Planeación Estratégica. Laboró con el Estado colombiano entre 1978 y 2015 y fue docente universitario de 1986 a 2012. Es autor de una saga de dieciséis novelas, dos en proceso y cuatro en perspectiva, dos compilaciones de narraciones románticas y más de sesenta relatos. Obras publicadas: La iluminada muerte de Marco Aurelio Mancipe , 2016, novela. Con derrotero incierto , 2017, novela. Enfermos del alma , 2018, novela. El frío del olvido , 2019, novela. Amé en silencio, y en silencio muero , 2017, compilación de narraciones románticas. Matarratón, 2021, novela. Es autor de cuentos y relatos que sube de manera periódica a redes y que publica en Revista Latina NC , en Escondite Literario Tropical y en su página wrenciso.com . Fundó y gestiona desde 2016 la iniciativa literaria: Una novela para cada escuela . Busca incentivar la lectura desde el aula de clase en lugares remotos y de difícil acceso a la literatura, tanto en su país como en otras partes del mundo.

There was no room for happiness, or emotion!, to be in that magical place. I thought I would never fulfill such a chimera. I had it in my mind since I was a teenager when a classmate told me that he went through those. I never knew if it was true or not. But, that oneiric passion, as I was leafing through calendars, became stubborn and got into my most suspicious and guarded desires. All the more so when I listened to the men with whom I had a relationship throughout my life, almost all of them, that this was also one of their most dreamed-of adventures to fulfill, some of them, and already satisfied and more than enjoyed, some of them.

True or not about that school friend, or the stories of those I came across on the side of the thorny path during my routine racket, especially those who said they had lived and enjoyed them, this time it was my turn!

I was about to fulfill the dream.

He didn’t know what place that was, did it matter? Nor, who were they, the beauties who invited me to their bedroom that seemed to float in a sky of perfumed clouds that acted as a puffy and infinite bed… propitious for the love encounter.

They were three spectacular women, just as I had made them since I was young, half a century ago, in the catacombs of my masculine boils. They wore vaporous and magical undergarments. The blonde was bewitching, the brunette very voluptuous… oh, the third was the most beautiful and sensual: an incomparable tropical brunette!

Faced with my shyness, they went to where I was and took me to their bedroom. Then, the first began to kiss me, the second to caress me, while the tropical brunette was stripping me of my clothes…

At that moment my wife stirred in bed, making those beautiful women, along with the fantastic bedroom, disappear from my dream! And maybe forever.


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