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The global power of words and art

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Jose Luis Ortiz Guell
Jose Luis Ortiz Guell
Soy un escritor y columnista internacional de el periódico El Querendon de Pereira de Colombia, igualmente de la Revista de difusión cultural española On Stop, en la que además soy Relaciones Publicas de la misma y he entrevistado entre otros a personajes internacionales como ( Charles Aznavour, Woody Allen, Costa Gavras, Sharon Stone, Robert de Niro, Jane Seymour, Morgan Freeman, Monica Bellucci, etc..) personajes españoles de prestigio así como a personajes latinos de importancia como Gabriela Franco, Yared Ayala, Wilson Rogelio, Elias Mondragón, etc... Escribo habitualmente en el Sol Tv de Colombia, la Comarca de Puertollano de España, Contraposición.org (España), el Sol de las Américas (Republica Dominicana), la revista cultural Ikaro y eventualmente en otras publicaciones de Panama, Mexico y Costa Rica. Pendiente de la publicación de una segunda novela en breve. He escrito varias obras de teatro, y un guión de cine de una de las mismas.

The Anthology Canto Planetario is a project that promises not only to be unique and pioneering, but also to be framed within works such as 1984 or A happy world, in its antithesis and being a song of Hope and that is based on Cooperation, Collaboration and that can be an essential contribution from the world of culture, letters and that contains the values that all the arts contribute from their social commitment , cultural, educational and innovative for the salvation of the Environment, of our home, the beloved Earth. In times of collapse, in times of collapse of the monetarist and speculative system and where the social reorganization and the commitment to an abrupt climate change that must be taken seriously and that affects the entire globality of the world and its continents.
All the values in a project, a work that promises from its conjunction and formation to be not only credible, but fundamental for the new times. The structure of the work and project, totally innovative and whose actors and protagonists are values and people regardless of their language, origin, skin color, religion, political ideas and concepts of life. This project that globally deals with the environment and the person, becomes a rich and exciting adventure that is committed to equality, commitment and brotherhood.
It is interesting in this project promoted by the Nicaraguan writer and compiler Carlos Javier Jarquín and Mexican editor Ana María Ayala, who from the illusion they were paying it from its genesis in a conversation about the neglect of the environment and the social and economic problems in which we are living and the need to improve it and our obligation as tenants of the wonderful house called Earth .
A project that delves into life and the impressive message of all those who have committed themselves to this work and join forces from a common message. I am convinced that, given the Globality of this compilation, which is fundamentally based on cooperation, collaboration and the dissemination of universal values typical of culture in its different forms and modalities, and its relationship as a tool to improve society, and the empowerment of the ethical, moral and human values of mutual help, respect, global improvement from a firm, committed and supportive commitment.
A work in which the word and the image, in all their artistic forms, become a lullaby, collects tears or is the image of an altarpiece of hope that summarizes the current world in its entirety, a world “maltouched” by human action. The word and the image become life and their own subject. I dare to say this at the risk of appearing too daring (nobody has enough life to read all the existing anthologies), this one delves into a reborn power of word and image in which quality and professional, artistic height will prevail. and human of all its participants from different regions of the planet with consecrated trajectories.
A project that is forged in the placenta of the world and that emerges in this world and from the best of the human being and that supposes a decisive structural change for poetry, narrative, the world of the journalistic column and for the world of the arts. usually. An anthology that will become a reference for the green militias of the Earth at a crucial moment that becomes a song and dance of knowledge and art that writes the voice of the human being and that speaks of inclusion in the richness of diversity.
A song written with painted hands of illusion for the still congested, feverish and germinal land. To conclude, I dare to express the opinion of Ana María Ayala , writer, poet, editor and General Director of Ayame Editorial (Mexico / USA), when asked: How can you contribute from literature, art, publishers and technology to work for the environment, solidarity and cooperation? And with that magical voice he answers:
• “The only way we can contribute our grain of sand for the environment, Solidarity, Cooperation, concepts that are intrinsically linked. The books shape the ideas about the world, the perspective as human beings. Hence its richness because there are as many worlds as there are heads, souls and hearts. But by itself it is insufficient and for this publishers must promote them, in my humble opinion. Moreover, it is necessary not only to promote them but also to focus on them and hence the importance of this wonderful project of the Anthology “Canto Planetario”. Work on the issues, raise awareness with that diverse and global wealth. It is our job to achieve this goal, we work with the most innovative and main technological advances. Really we are all part of a great team in favor of life and of that better quality for the future of those who come after us”.



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