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Milibrohispano – Andrea Armijos Martínez

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Mi Libro Hispano
Mi Libro Hispanohttps://milibrohispano.org/
Somos una organización sin fines de lucro en pro de la cultura y el legado hispano. Exaltamos nuestra hispanidad y la contribución de nuestros escritores del 15 de septiembre al 15 de octubre de cada año con la Celebración Internacional del Mes del Libro Hispano©. Pueden unirse y apoyarnos a difundir eventos culturales y sociales que promueven la lectura, la escritura, y por supuesto, a los escritores hispanos. Ser hispano es nuestro orgullo.

Andrea Armijos Martínez is thirty-five years old, she was born in the city of Loja, Ecuador, on February 27, 1987. He now resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She worked as a medical interpreter, but due to health problems she had to leave that job, and now she has her own business that she runs independently, she rents real estate through the Airbnb system. He is currently running a new business. In Ecuador, at the young age of 9, she worked on television with Ecotel TV as co-host, in a Social Assistance program entitled “Cadaj” dedicated to young people, who, thanks to her maturity, knew how to handle it very well.

He graduated from school in the USA obtaining the “volunteer medal”. She immediately began working, volunteering with the American Cancer Association, winning the “Rock of the Year” award in 2007. She continued her work as a volunteer, in: hospitals, embassies and health fairs. She studied to become a Legal and Medical Interpreter. Her first children’s story titled Bright Boy Changes the Girl’s World is about her own childhood experience, how she was a victim of bullying and how she overcame it.


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