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Writers and poets from five continents in a single book

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Carlos Jarquin
Carlos Jarquin
Escritor y poeta escribo artículos de opiniones sobre temática de interés social, emprendimiento, cultura, arte, historia, política, medio ambiente, Ciencia, y tecnología, en mis escritos siempre procuro de que el lector quede tatuado con una profunda meditación, escribo un poco de todo y para todos. Me gustaría compartir parte del arte de mi pensar con los seguidores de este medio informativo. Será  un placer  llegar a los lectores de esta bella comunidad intelectual. Mi único interés es poder llevarles a los lectores un contenido de meditación universal, educación general y que mejor, aprovechar la oportunidad de la tecnología y de éste medio para que todos seamos protagonistas de ayudar a  desarrollar hábilmente las  incontables habilidades, de los fieles lectores.

Our Planet Earth is the most splendid wonder of the universe, it is inhabited by millions and millions of species, many of which have disappeared or are in danger of extinction. From all that mysterious and enchanting variety, nature chose man to manage and take a position at the head of the sacred creation; and since it was assigned such an honorable mission, we have done nothing but destroy, to the point of eliminating defenseless species, we have been and continue to be irresponsible with the environment, some more than others of course. For many decades, our planet has given us signs that have gone unnoticed and that carelessness has led us to suffer in recent times, the consequences of everything we have caused.
Nothing can be done with the past, it is the present that really matters, since tomorrow’s results depend on today’s decisions and actions. There are many deplorable and sad things that we are currently experiencing, some as protagonists and others, looking at them only from a screen, but in any case, impotence prevails in the face of events and the way in which those who have the privileges that give power and money, and that they are, those who could make a positive change, become, almost always, the cause of the deterioration of the land, the oceans and with them the biodiversity; for the sake of unscrupulous enrichment at the hands of politicians and businessmen, who waste millions of dollars trying to populate the moon or other planets; while, in so many countries, thousands of children and the elderly die of hunger every day. That reminds me and echoes, in an old adage that goes: “ street lamp, darkness of your house ”.
This is the moment in which it is up to us to take action and take care of the planet, which is our only and authentic home, if we do not wish that at the end of the current century, what the world population is experiencing will be a complete horror story.
Planetary Proposal:
“Blue oceans dominate the land, vast areas of green forest, brown mountains, smooth deserts, and white ice complete the face of the world.” It is time to love, it is time to reflect, it is time to take care of our planet, surely the different species with which we share this spectacular and inexplicable earthly creation will thank us, but present and future generations will be more grateful.
At the beginning of December 2021, I started the project of a literary anthology, inspired by the environment. I mentioned the idea to my friend, poet, editor and accomplice Ana María Ayala Carbajal General Director of Ayame Editorial and she was delighted; agreed to support the initiative.
It was a great challenge to contact the authors from different regions of the planet, but taking advantage of the great tool of the Internet and thanks to the network of friends, I managed to contact brilliant writers, women and men from more than 70 countries on five continents, to create a multilingual work, in which we will have the honor of giving global diffusion to the different languages that will be present in this project; giving a special place to Spanish, the language into which all the texts will be translated. It is important to highlight that this collective project seeks to encourage brotherhood and unity among contemporary intellectuals from all over the planet, through literary art, to talk about the environment, a universal issue of great importance to all of us. I am sure that this will be a reference work for humanity.
The Planetary Song Anthology is a project that is independent of any Organism, Institution, company, political ideology, economic or social interest, or religious creed. The central theme will be the environment. This work is a hymn to our diverse and beautiful flora and fauna, the “favorable opportunity to reflect on the importance of caring for ecosystems, valuing, respecting, conserving and protecting natural life, home to many plant and animal species.”
Our main source of inspiration in undertaking this project is to bring a thoughtful message to humanity and a tribute to our precious planet.
anthem and themes
This compilation will feature a hymn inspired by the central theme, which can be accessed through a QR reader link placed on the back cover, to listen to it directly, through Ayame Editorial’s YouTube channel. This book is intended to provide valuable suggestions to the international community, invited authors will be free to participate in the literary genre of their choice: poetry, article, story, chronicle or short story, taking as themes: global warming, migration to cause of climate change, scarcity of drinking water, deforestation, destruction of habitats, species in danger of extinction, population and pollution of rivers, lagoons and seas.
Content that generates discrimination, politics, religions, racism, sexism, homophobia, controversy or incites hatred will not be accepted. This work will be published in Spanish, (the profile of the Spanish-speaking authors, the preface, prologue, epilogue and lyrics of the song will be bilingual, Spanish – English). The invited authors who do not belong to Latin America must send their works in their mother tongue and translated into Spanish (translations are not accepted in Google, if they do not have translators from English to Spanish, they can write to the email that sent the invitation letter, to recommend translators).
In advance, we thank the International Press and all the writers and poets, who we know will join this literary initiative, in honor of our wonderful Planet Earth.
Welcome to the global compilation Canto Planetario , universal history of contemporary literature!



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