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Letter to my children and grandchildren

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Maria del Refugio Sandoval Olivas
Maria del Refugio Sandoval Olivas
Hgo del Parral, Chihuahua, México La pasión por escribir se manifestó desde su juventud, consolidando su primer encuentro formal, con su participación en el año 2002 en Historias de Migrantes, en el 2007, responde a    convocatoria emitida por la SEP y su historia de vida docente es seleccionada en la antología“Huellas en el tiempo”. En el 2009 publica el libro autobiográfico “Anhelos, sueños y esperanzas”, en el 2011 “Una Rosa sin Espinas”, 2013 es antologada en “Experiencias directivas exitosas”, 2015 y 2016 antologada en “Monografía de Competencias docentes”, convocadas por ENSECH; colaboradora en el Diseño de guías estatales para trabajar los Consejos Técnicos Escolares, autora de varias ponencias publicadas digitalmente,  como “Oralidad de la Lengua” en Argentina,  asistente y ponente en Congresos Educativos, dictaminadora del Congreso Nacional de Investigación Educativa, cuento “Dulce” publicado en 2018,  “Suspiros rotos” poemario publicado en 2019, cuentito “La navidad y yo” 2019; además,  es editorialista semanal en el periódico “El Sol de Parral”. Jubilada de SEP en el 2017 sigue aportando al sector educativo como: tallerista para padres de familia, docentes, alumnos y público en general. Conferencista en distintos niveles educativos en el estado de Chihuahua. Participante activa en los “Encuentros de escritores parralenses” Cuenta cuentos en preescolar y primaria. Practica el cachibol, en la Delegación de jubilados y pensionados DIV2 Socia activa de la Benémerita y Centenaria “Sociedad Mutualista Miguel Hidalgo”

Hidalgo del Parral, Chihuahua, April 3, 2022

Dear children and grandchildren:

I resort to epistolary writing, because many times, I cannot verbally express so many memories minted in thought, which I consider necessary for you to know. Time goes by so quickly, in the blink of an eye you, my little children, left the nest and began your own flight; that is the wheel of life, my grandchildren are in this continuous process of development and one day they will also begin their journey away from home.

Generational stories are like the roots of a tree trunk, they expand in search of that inexhaustible source of connections that allows them to survive; being so, how I want to leave these memories of love and longing for each one of you.

Each couple begins to write a story together from the moment they decide to embark on the courtship stage and realize that he is the person with whom they want to share a life together, then that commitment is strengthened with the arrival of offspring, but, above all, with the strength of affection, respect and the practice of personal values, which allow a relationship to flourish and keep the color of hope alive.

When I met my husband, I knew he was that beacon of light, the companion who could walk by my side, give me a protective hug and meet my expectations as a woman. Together we build the foundations of our home with personal scraps; first from illusions, which were cradled by dreams, later, with the certainty of honest work that allowed us to build every structural support and step necessary to support and provide the necessary security in our family environment.

April 3, 1982, an unforgettable date, which marks a turning point in our existence, two people, two families forming one, we received the blessing of our parents, the town priest and the representative of the civil registry; With unusual emotion and joy in our hearts, we gave each other a “yes, I do” and committed ourselves to family and friends, but, above all, to ourselves.

Forty years, four decades, fortieth anniversary or fourteen thousand six hundred days have passed since that day, there are several ways to name it, but only one to feel it and experience it firsthand. Every moment and shared dreams have been an adventure, a journey on the itinerary of life, a ticket that has led us to recognize each other and be the complement of one and the other. There has been no supremacy or hierarchy of power, only understanding, understanding and dialogue that has made it possible to enjoy and value the family we have formed.

Undoubtedly, we are not perfect, our boat has faced various storms, in the first instance, due to the mistakes and immaturity of youth; immediately, when facing the challenge of learning to be parents and guides for our children; to deal with the labor changes that shook the stability of our home; to the pain and suffering caused by the loss of our parents and eldest granddaughter; but the force of love, understanding and camaraderie has kept our ship afloat, maneuvering together to reach a safe port.

God, in his infinite mercy, has poured rivers of blessings into our lives, first of all, with the invaluable gift of you, five wonderful children: Edgar, Yadira, Erika Rubí, Jorge Alexandro and Carlos Alberto and with ten grandchildren who fill with color and joy our family environment: Odetthe Griseld (✝), Edgar Johan, Jorge Daniel, Franco Fernando, Arleth Marián, Dana Yaniel, Dulcinea, Marlene Alexia, Africa and Annia Victoria.

Thank you children and grandchildren for being like a compass that guides us in times of uncertainty; for being that artistic brush that illuminates the picture of our daily lives; the musical notes that shake the hearts of these parents and grandparents in love, who still rejoice with the hug, kiss and caress that makes their feelings clear.

We hope to continue on this journey for many years to come, enjoy their presence and be part of their achievements by seeing them achieve goals and purposes; and that you have the opportunity to be co-participants in the celebration of many more wedding anniversaries.

I love them to infinity.

Cuquis Sandoval Olivas



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