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“Solovino”, something more than a book: A vital project…

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Jose Luis Ortiz Guell
Jose Luis Ortiz Guell
Soy un escritor y columnista internacional de el periódico El Querendon de Pereira de Colombia, igualmente de la Revista de difusión cultural española On Stop, en la que además soy Relaciones Publicas de la misma y he entrevistado entre otros a personajes internacionales como ( Charles Aznavour, Woody Allen, Costa Gavras, Sharon Stone, Robert de Niro, Jane Seymour, Morgan Freeman, Monica Bellucci, etc..) personajes españoles de prestigio así como a personajes latinos de importancia como Gabriela Franco, Yared Ayala, Wilson Rogelio, Elias Mondragón, etc... Escribo habitualmente en el Sol Tv de Colombia, la Comarca de Puertollano de España, Contraposición.org (España), el Sol de las Américas (Republica Dominicana), la revista cultural Ikaro y eventualmente en otras publicaciones de Panama, Mexico y Costa Rica. Pendiente de la publicación de una segunda novela en breve. He escrito varias obras de teatro, y un guión de cine de una de las mismas.

This is a children’s story, an excellent book, but it goes much further. It is written by Jasmine Chi and her daughter Shmeimi Chi, a young woman full of talent, in full adolescence and that is her magic. The words of “The Little Prince” by Saint Exupéry come to mind:

“I thought a lot about the jungle and the boas and I made the first drawing of my life. It was this, my drawing number 1:

I showed my drawing to the grown-ups and asked them if it scared them, but they thought it was a hat and didn’t understand my question. Grown-ups never understand anything on their own, and it’s exhausting for children, always having to give them explanations.
So I made my drawing 2 to clarify that it was a boa eating an elephant. This is drawing number 2:”

This book is by way of metaphor something very similar. It is the door to a project of much greater depth and importance, since it is known that the true magnitude of great works and projects lies in simplicity.
This is a clear example of the above.
Solovino is the story of a dog that appears, like a miracle out of nowhere and hence the title “Solovino”, a wonderful play on the two words “Solo” and “Vino” that shows that there is no such thing as chance, but rather causality in this life that we have to live. Two protagonists, a girl, her family and a puppy who without knowing each other and without knowing about their ancestral relationships begin an adventure called LOVE and RESPECT.
Do any of us not like to imagine a better world close to LOVE and true VALUES?
In this sense, this ebook and audiobook is a magnificent opportunity to do so. Reading is a particularly suitable and prepared vehicle to transmit and shape values and the path to the goal of a better, more sustainable, supportive and habitable world, the highway in a world of global education in values and especially needed at this time.
His mother and parent, the exceptional Jazmin Chi, who, in addition to her great prestige, has been working for an ambitious social project for some time and that is to work on values such as LOVE and EXCELLENCE, promoting the creativity of children from education and who has carried out numerous donations of his works (18 books) to all corners of the world, this book is nothing more than a wonderful access to that need to respect living beings and nature and work in favor of those species that are in danger of extinction , more than fifty worldwide (polar bear, rhinoceros, tigers, kangaroos, mountain gorillas, leopards, pink dolphins, Kemp’s ridley sea turtle, vaquita porpoise…).
What to say about the co-author, a young writer, a girl, a very young environmental fighter who at the age of 13 has already given two workshops, one in English and one in Spanish for the non-profit organization Girls Nite Live in Pennsylvania, same that works to empower women.
Despite her youth, she is already included in the Business Incubator, of the Universidad del Valle de México Campus Cumbres, in Mexico, with the project to create the PLANANI AC Foundation, for raising awareness and environmental awareness in children and youth. .
She, his daughter, is not only a successor to that wonderful talent, but she will surely surpass it, despite the difficulty of this task and shows the effectiveness of her great educational work.
Both she and her daughter are people engendered with talent and who find their greatest happiness working for the good of Humanity.
It is already known that talent is offered by God, fame is granted by people and for that we have to be grateful.
True talent always flees from the vanity that is self-awarded.
They are a clear example that talent is always linked to kindness.
I would like to ask Jazmín three questions, related to this wonderful work that is essential at this time.
1- What is the value of education, reading in the new world for the new generations?
From my point of view, I believe that education focusing more on the informal (non-schooled) is of the utmost importance, since they are the values that we instill in our next generations from home, which we can complement with reading, which is fundamental in our little ones. because they can learn, but above all dream, fly and seek the motivation and drive necessary to develop their full potential, as well as form that positive bond between families, which is very necessary in society.
2- In a global world, what is the true potential of new technologies in the world and their evolution towards values?
Its alot. We can see that our little ones have at their disposal endless technologies that did not exist at our time, which creates more opportunities for them to develop and achieve things for the benefit of humanity, just as we can see that borders no longer exist, which makes us recognize that we are all one, in this journey of encouraging humanity to be better and leave a legacy of love and kindness.

3- Tell me about the importance of promoting CREATIVITY and ENTREPRENEURSHIP in children and youth from EXCELLENCE….
As parents, educators and guides of the new generations that come from us, I believe it is extremely important to encourage entrepreneurship in our children. Give them wings by telling them that they can achieve absolutely anything they set out to do, without putting limits on them. Labels or factors don’t matter. We are facing a new stage of humanity, where more opportunities have been opened for those who want it, and we are there to support them. It is there, where the desire to do something different can be awakened, perhaps something that has not yet been done, to create something beautiful, to get involved in that creative process, that contributes to the lives of others, and that is how, with the fact By giving wings to our children, we can encourage creativity and entrepreneurship. Sometimes a “yes, I believe in you”, or a “yes, you can”, make a huge difference in the lives of our children. Sometimes they just need those words to show their full potential. I have seen it with my daughter, who continues to surprise me day by day. Let’s make our children surprise us, encouraging them, believing in them and loving them with facts.


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