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I recognize myself woman

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Maria del Refugio Sandoval Olivas
Maria del Refugio Sandoval Olivas
Hgo del Parral, Chihuahua, México La pasión por escribir se manifestó desde su juventud, consolidando su primer encuentro formal, con su participación en el año 2002 en Historias de Migrantes, en el 2007, responde a    convocatoria emitida por la SEP y su historia de vida docente es seleccionada en la antología“Huellas en el tiempo”. En el 2009 publica el libro autobiográfico “Anhelos, sueños y esperanzas”, en el 2011 “Una Rosa sin Espinas”, 2013 es antologada en “Experiencias directivas exitosas”, 2015 y 2016 antologada en “Monografía de Competencias docentes”, convocadas por ENSECH; colaboradora en el Diseño de guías estatales para trabajar los Consejos Técnicos Escolares, autora de varias ponencias publicadas digitalmente,  como “Oralidad de la Lengua” en Argentina,  asistente y ponente en Congresos Educativos, dictaminadora del Congreso Nacional de Investigación Educativa, cuento “Dulce” publicado en 2018,  “Suspiros rotos” poemario publicado en 2019, cuentito “La navidad y yo” 2019; además,  es editorialista semanal en el periódico “El Sol de Parral”. Jubilada de SEP en el 2017 sigue aportando al sector educativo como: tallerista para padres de familia, docentes, alumnos y público en general. Conferencista en distintos niveles educativos en el estado de Chihuahua. Participante activa en los “Encuentros de escritores parralenses” Cuenta cuentos en preescolar y primaria. Practica el cachibol, en la Delegación de jubilados y pensionados DIV2 Socia activa de la Benémerita y Centenaria “Sociedad Mutualista Miguel Hidalgo”

Discrimination and violence against women has used different garments over time. In the 21st century, in some countries the most cruel and heartbreaking inequity and injustice continue to prevail against them. In the name of the laws that govern these societies, violence, mistreatment and outrage is a prevailing one that is outlined from clothing, speaking, acting and insertion in public life and decision-making.
It is necessary that we women learn to make our voices heard, that its sound resurfaces from the echoes of time, that they rescue drowned and silent words; traveling through mountains, deserts, seas, plains and the confines of time. Let’s learn to use gender lenses, those that allow the visibility of seeing, observing and specifying the invisible; let’s make our presence tangible, because the poem DESIDERATA says it well, “just like the stars, we have the right to exist”, enjoying a full life, with the same opportunities for growth and development in all areas of our lives.
Woman, let the letters be the vehicle of our thought, let the ideas be the product of the analysis and reflection of the life circumstances that pushed great women to stand out and shine in a world of darkness.
Let’s read between the lines, turn on the light of understanding and be a beacon of hope for all those who are still living in the shadows.
Being promoters of change requires first of all changing our being, doing and thinking, recognizing ourselves as unique and unrepeatable beings, with errors in acting, but perfectible.
Let us reach out to our brother and understand that inequality begins precisely where the freedom and tolerance of the other is transferred. The term gender not only refers to women, but also to the various vulnerable sectors of the population. Equity means giving more to those who have less. Let us listen to those who have been silenced; let us lend our vision to those who think they deserve ill-treatment; Let us inform ourselves and learn about our rights and obligations as citizens of the world, which is constantly changing and renewing itself.
Not one more! They said in Ciudad Juárez, and day by day the account increases. Despite the death and disappearance of so many young women in the city being the focus of world attention, impunity, fear and distrust continue to prevail in the face of the null or little attention to the problem presented.
Women of the Tarahumara ethnic group, who, in addition to the great cultural, political, social and educational backwardness in which they live, add to their life circumstances, bringing children into the world at a very young age, being victims of incest by their own parents, suffer abuse, discrimination and injustice by their employers, their parents or their husbands.
Women who do not develop in the labor sector and the fact of being at home taking care of their family is not seen as a decent and representative job; In many cases, they suffer the abuse and mistreatment of those who swore one day to care for and protect them.
Still others work outside the home and must come home to do all of their own tasks, without finding support from their life partner.
And at the other extreme, those women who form single-parent families, with all the responsibility of supporting, caring for and providing what is necessary to support the family.
For you woman, who is a giver of life, your body is designed to create, feed and be an inexhaustible source of love. Do not allow anyone to tarnish your essence, learn to value yourself, to know yourself, to drink from the source of knowledge so that your brightness invites others to shine for themselves; to walk the path of peace, of the abundance of goods that begin precisely with acceptance and knowledge as an individual and of otherness as a complement to walk on the path of life.
We are not islands in the ocean of life, we need docks, lighthouses, to reach the mainland and expand our vision over the horizon.
Within the concentric circles in which we develop, we are unique, strong, indivisible; no one has to tame or domesticate us; we are free of thought and action without, therefore, disrupting or hurting the freedom of the other.
We must raise the gender flagpole, no more girls on the street! No more women selling their bodies! No more dealers! No more abandoned children! No more unmarked graves! No more orphans in life! No more families mourning the disappearance of their daughters!
We want our name to appear on the marquees: María Lorena Ramírez, (the one with light feet), the housewife, the teacher, the journalist, the writer, the painter, the poet, the artist, the doctor, the nurse, the lawyer, the employee, the laborer. , dressmaker, cook, we are unique!
We must learn to be like the bougainvillea that bloom and shine in the four seasons of the year; like the desert, which even in its arid climate harbors beauty and life. Nourish ourselves from the expansive force of the universe, from the sun’s rays and the warmth of the moon; take shelter under the spell of the stars and the magnetism of each sunrise. Resurface in the face of adversity, be more resilient than we have been able to be; mirror where the family and its primary cell of union are reflected.
Women, let’s extend our arms, join hands, word, heart and action.


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