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San Vale arrives, that no one is left without a partner

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Maria Beatriz Munoz Ruiz
Maria Beatriz Munoz Ruiz
Escritora y Directora de la revista digital cultural One Stop. Titulada como Community manager y Técnico en consumo, con formación en marketing digital y columnista internacional de la revista Pandemia, cultura contagiosa en la que colabora también con el seudónimo de La Dama oscura. Cuenta con 14 novelas publicadas, todas las encuentras en Amazon. Colaboradora de varias revistas internacionales. Nació el 12 de septiembre de 1977 en Granada (España). Cursó sus estudios en el colegio Sagrada Familia, pero quién realmente fomentó su pasión por la literatura fue su abuelo, alguien que marcó su carácter, y al que nunca olvidará.

Depending on the age, you love or hate February 14. When I was little I didn’t care a bit, I even liked it when my father gave my mother something and bought me some roses too.
Going into adolescence everything changes, if for Valentine’s Day you don’t have a boyfriend, you envy those who make silly faces that day and strut about having received flowers, luckily we were only girls at my school, because now with the mixed schools is worse; A week before Valentine’s Day, all the boys and girls are looking for a partner, if only so as not to be marginalized.
Now you may be wondering what I think of that date, well, I think it is a date that they invented so that people could consume all kinds of products and services. Flowers used to be given, now trips, massage circuits, jewellery… go out to dinner, to the cinema or to any place with which you stand out from the rest of the couple.
Well, I have to confess that I also got carried away in his day by all that, my boyfriend, who is now my husband, gave me Colombian roses, I loved those roses! They are very expensive, but they do not have thorns, they are huge and a beautiful dark red.
Now I have become more practical, this year I have sent my husband the link by mistake of the dress that I want him to give me, and when he told me to ask me for it I realized how well he knows me “look what I know exactly the dress I wanted…” If it is that flowers make me very sad to see them die, they are like people but at a faster pace: you are all happy in your mother’s womb, then they force you to be born and throw you into the stupid world in which we have to camouflage ourselves with their stupidity or we will be the weirdos, then you grow up, you become beautiful, they admire you, they smell your aroma… well, when I play sports it’s better that they don’t smell me, but under normal circumstances I like to smell Carolina Herrera , in short, little by little the days go by, you begin to age and you no longer decorate as before, you look ugly in the room where everyone admired you before, you lose your way until you die and they throw you away.
So no, I definitely don’t want to see my precious roses die, I prefer my pretty summer dress that beautifies me and lasts a little longer than the roses.
Oh, and I don’t want chocolates either, it’s not that I don’t like them, I love them, but the dress could last me less than the roses, besides, it’ll be warm soon and I have to get rid of my coat, I can’t afford to put on weight I ate a whole box of chocolates. And no, I wouldn’t share it, it’s my present and I’d eat it all whole, so it’s better that you don’t give me chocolates, perhaps a book would be the best substitute for chocolates, since, if intelligence makes you fat, you don’t notice it, you know, blondes are dumb, luckily I’m from a boat, if they knew I’m not a natural blonde I’d be lost, I couldn’t play dumb and blend into this shitty world… no, I came into this world on Monday, September 12 , not on a Wednesday.
To finish, I would like you to know that February 14 is not only Valentine’s Day, that day is also World Healing Sounds Day, it is said that on that day, at 12 noon, we have to repeat the sound of the vowel A, for 5 minutes, which is the sound that represents our heart; In this way, we will unite in the projection of love, peace, light and harmony towards the rest and towards our Planet Earth.
It is said that toxins and stress are released, so that day, when you see your neighbor go out with her best nightgown, hairdo and imitating a casual look to be surprised with her huge bouquet of roses, think about it, don’t even have that glass of wine or that anxiolytic, make the sound of the A and relax.
Well, if that doesn’t work, I’ll let you have that glass of wine. Happy Valentines.


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