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Maria del Refugio Sandoval Olivas
Maria del Refugio Sandoval Olivas
Hgo del Parral, Chihuahua, México La pasión por escribir se manifestó desde su juventud, consolidando su primer encuentro formal, con su participación en el año 2002 en Historias de Migrantes, en el 2007, responde a    convocatoria emitida por la SEP y su historia de vida docente es seleccionada en la antología“Huellas en el tiempo”. En el 2009 publica el libro autobiográfico “Anhelos, sueños y esperanzas”, en el 2011 “Una Rosa sin Espinas”, 2013 es antologada en “Experiencias directivas exitosas”, 2015 y 2016 antologada en “Monografía de Competencias docentes”, convocadas por ENSECH; colaboradora en el Diseño de guías estatales para trabajar los Consejos Técnicos Escolares, autora de varias ponencias publicadas digitalmente,  como “Oralidad de la Lengua” en Argentina,  asistente y ponente en Congresos Educativos, dictaminadora del Congreso Nacional de Investigación Educativa, cuento “Dulce” publicado en 2018,  “Suspiros rotos” poemario publicado en 2019, cuentito “La navidad y yo” 2019; además,  es editorialista semanal en el periódico “El Sol de Parral”. Jubilada de SEP en el 2017 sigue aportando al sector educativo como: tallerista para padres de familia, docentes, alumnos y público en general. Conferencista en distintos niveles educativos en el estado de Chihuahua. Participante activa en los “Encuentros de escritores parralenses” Cuenta cuentos en preescolar y primaria. Practica el cachibol, en la Delegación de jubilados y pensionados DIV2 Socia activa de la Benémerita y Centenaria “Sociedad Mutualista Miguel Hidalgo”

It is an honor for your servant to write about the last event where I presented the paper: “How to promote reading in secondary school students” in the “2nd. Virtual Book Fair Argentina” to which I was invited by the Mexican cultural promoter, poet and writer Ana Laura García Solache , together with a magnificent team of collaborators.
Being a participant in an event of this nature allows you to get to know a little more closely the different dynamics that are generated behind the scenes before reaching the peak moment of the presentation. There is a total organization from the issuance of the call, registration, generation of schedules, preparation of diffusion posters, generation of the personal link, introduction and follow-up of each participant during the assigned time, live publication and constant support from start to finish. the fair (January 14 to 30).
In this framework, you can enjoy from book presentations, poetry recitals, presentations, tributes, talks, workshops, music, dances and culture in general; each and every one of extraordinary quality, which shows the solvency of knowledge and experiences acquired through academic, literary and artistic training, research, reading and writing experiences, which shape the personality of those who present themselves to the camera to expose his work.
Speakers from 50 countries signed up, sharing significant data on their places of origin, customs, stories, among others, highlighting differences such as intonation and vocabulary used; standing out, above all, the great similarities that unite us; The time zone has not been an impediment to accompanying the different broadcasts, because the commitment is not only with oneself, but with others, because one learns by contributing, but above all by listening, observing, comparing; because Jack Delors said it well in 1994, the four pillars that make up a competition are: Knowing how to be, knowing how to do, knowing how to coexist and knowing how to learn.
These virtual spaces have generated a new dynamic of interaction, in such a way that groups and interactions are made either through WhatsApp groups or Facebook pages, where literary or artistic contributions, faces, names and pseudonyms are harmonized. They acquire a touch of closeness, with demonstrations of affection and exchange of knowledge and experiences.
The current confinement allows you to enjoy more time, so there is a disposition of respect, empathy and understanding, about the importance of listening and carefully observing live presentations, issuing comments, questions, contributions, and even exchanging social networks to have a more personal contact with who is exhibiting.
Likewise, by being recorded on social networks and the asynchrony typical of virtuality, it opens the opportunity to repeat the broadcasts in the available time.
These are communication processes that are being generated and propagated at incredible speed. There is a sender, a receiver and the appropriate channels for it. The human being is a gregarious being by nature, he requires the other to grow, to interact and coexist and in the face of the current panorama that the pandemic has imposed; it is necessary to strengthen the bonds of union and coexistence among humanity; starting from the premise that we all have something to contribute and much to learn from others.



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