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Ecoaldeas del Norte: create a home and build community

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In Galeana, Nuevo León, a group of people raised the dream of creating a community of sustainable and ecological housing through shared knowledge in the community.
By: Laura Puentes

Today we want to tell you the story of a group of people who decided to live something similar to a dream . Imagine choosing a place in the mountains to build your house in an ecological and sustainable way and share that knowledge with your neighbors.

Ecoaldeas del Norte was born from the interconnection of causes and experiences, aware of the ecological damage that each person generates in the environment. Thus, a group decided to organize to promote the construction of organic houses with low-impact elements that allow the reproduction of the life cycle as much as possible.

Instead of doing workshops, they do self-learning tequios , which consist of collective work where everyone contributes and gives an opinion from their knowledge. This since they are not dedicated to profit but to teach how to live in a sustainable way.

In addition, they mix ecotourism activity with collective work, collective food, reflective fire and play, as one of their philosophies is that life should not be spent on work. At Amonite we decided to talk with them so they could tell us more about this project.

United against ecological damage
Xochitl Mendoza always envision working on projects that will help the environment. Her father is one of the great motivators for her and her siblings.

“I moved from Tepito when I was 5 years old and I went to live in Tultitlán where everything was mountain. There my father told us about the people who did not use money because they obtained everything from the land and wanted his children to achieve that dream. Each one of my brothers seeks that tranquility from the different spaces in which we are ”.

Currently Xochitl is the coordinator of wills in Ecoaldeas del Norte, a project that seeks to create communities with ecological homes, eco-built spaces and regeneration of the society-environment.

The creation of an ecovillage
The first steps for the creation of the ecovillage were taken when they were able to acquire some land in San José de la Martha, Galeana in the state of Nuevo León and that is how the call was launched for those interested in being part of this project.

“The opportunity to acquire land at low cost arose and we launched a call for people to want to be part of the ecovillage like our neighbors,” said Xochitl Mendoza.

Although the road was difficult in the end the feat was achieved. “We made an alliance with the Real Campestre real estate company so that it could let us fill the area with eco-sustainable neighbors. Thus, with some difficulties, but we managed to outline a neighborhood of eco-neighbors, ”said Mendoza.

Would you like to live in an ecovillage?
Over time they have seen that people have become more interested in their way of life and in this ecological project. Not only to integrate but to know how to help the environment from their homes and possibilities.

“I think we have positively influenced society because more and more people ask us and ask for advice, and they are influenced by our way of life,” Xochitl mentions.

Currently Ecoaldeas del Norte is working on ecological toilets for 12 families, which would be placed in Galena.

Without a doubt, sustainable living is an opportunity to live that connection with mother nature, take care of it and regenerate the damage done by human beings.

If you are interested in getting closer and requesting information from this group, we invite you to visit their Facebook page, discover the different ways in which we can take care of the environment from our homes.

Ecovillages of the North | Facebook


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