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Covid measures in times of euphoria

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Maria Beatriz Munoz Ruiz
Maria Beatriz Munoz Ruiz
Escritora y Directora de la revista digital cultural One Stop. Titulada como Community manager y Técnico en consumo, con formación en marketing digital y columnista internacional de la revista Pandemia, cultura contagiosa en la que colabora también con el seudónimo de La Dama oscura. Cuenta con 14 novelas publicadas, todas las encuentras en Amazon. Colaboradora de varias revistas internacionales. Nació el 12 de septiembre de 1977 en Granada (España). Cursó sus estudios en el colegio Sagrada Familia, pero quién realmente fomentó su pasión por la literatura fue su abuelo, alguien que marcó su carácter, y al que nunca olvidará.

At Christmas all politicians can take whatever measures they want, since they are for after the holidays, it doesn’t matter. The world may fall apart, but now we are celebrating, so… why bother to protest?
The problem is that “the after” has already arrived, the holidays are over and now it’s time to return to normalcy, remove the Christmas tree, the champagne, go on a diet and do the math.
In a few days, back to school, because according to the data, the increase in hospitalized patients exceeds last year, but since it is less likely that we will already die of the virus, there is no need to worry either.
On the other hand, I understand that, if bars have been open, soccer fields have been freely entered, crowded shopping centers have been held, parties have been held and kings have been paraded, it is normal for schools to open, what is not normal is that it returns to the terrible conditions of the second wave.
Ladies and gentlemen of the government and Autonomous Communities, I am not saying that children do not go to school, but if they are not capable of giving them decent minimum conditions in the classrooms, consider online classes, which are not so harmful either. The harmful thing is to have children in the middle of winter with the windows open, keeping the safety distance, but without quarantine in the event that they test positive for covid, have we gone completely crazy? If what you want is that we all get infected, stop measuring nonsense, take off the masks, let us lead a normal life and put thirty children in class without masks and with the windows closed.
Some of you have already torn your clothes, it seems absurd, right? Well, it is just as absurd to say that what is intended is herd immunity, and that the best thing would be to infect us all at once, but, on the other hand, create a pantomime so that the citizen thinks that measures are being taken.
I am going to tell you the result of all this theater: The children are going to go back to class, when they are with the windows open they are going to catch a cold, but it is no longer going to know if it is a cold or a virus, so we will have to submit to the kids to a PCR, well, it depends, because if you can take them to class, why do a PCR? So many mothers will send their children to school, and in the end they will all be infected, the class will not be confined, but if they are sick they do not go to school, and if the whole class is sick, it is as if they were confined, but with the aggravating that here they have not had even the teachers; that they are exposed every day, not even with the children’s families; in which there may be older people who have a pretty bad time if they catch it.
Hospitals will become saturated again, PCR is already difficult to find in pharmacies, so by not being able to prove that you are positive, you will go to work and lead a normal life, so the fence is expanded and the infections will be even greater.
Now there are no deaths, but when the numbers of infected reach record numbers, there will be deaths, and although the proportion is low, the dead weigh more on a scale. Then it will be when politicians are forced to take action, but it will be late, or not? Because perhaps that is the plan they have, perhaps what I have thought is something already premeditated by them and their intention is that, always going late, continuing to manipulate us, playing dumb and assuming collateral damage; that, unfortunately there will be.
Well, why think about what is coming our way, they already decide for us, no matter the political party, they all seem willing to raise the country without foreseeing the consequences. This is like riding a layman without the instructions, but the worst of all is that now they know the consequences, they know that this virus is going to stay with us, and yet I do not see that coherent means are being put in place to protect the population. .
But nothing happens, with making it mandatory that the mask be worn outdoors, everything is already solved, I think it is more coherent to see Alice in Wonderland than the set of measures of some countries, including Spain, with respect to the covid .

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels


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