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Luis Feliz
Luis Feliz
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RALEIGH, NC (Jan 6, 2022) – When it comes to branding, simply updating the logo isn’t enough. Branding is a long-term strategic approach that helps small businesses succeed. If you haven’t prioritized your brand yet, the following 10 small business branding tips will get you started. However, before diving into these tips, consider for a moment how important branding really is to a small business.

Why the brand matters
Did you know that it takes approximately five to seven impressions before someone remembers your brand? That means a prospect or prospect needs to see your logo, name, or brand at least that many times before they stick.

A solid brand strategy elevates businesses. Branding is the foundation of a strong company, and without a strong brand, it becomes a challenge for people to remember it, let alone come back to make a purchase. Having a strong brand is critical to success.

The Better Business Bureau serving eastern NC (BBB) offers 10 brand tips every small business should consider.

If you are a small business owner, now is the time to improve your brand. Many small businesses get stuck in the midst of success, with a good reputation for quality products or services, but may not have a really strong brand identity. To avoid this common mistake, consider the following 10 small business branding tips:

1. Know the competition
Before building a brand that stands out from the crowd, know who and what you’re up against. Conducting a competitor analysis is a great way to see what other companies in your industry are doing so you know how to differentiate yourself and grab the attention of potential customers by making a unique impression.

2. Be uniquely you
Once you understand who your competition is, start defining who you are and how you differ from the rest. Be yourself and don’t try to be something other than just to stand out; This is not how the brand works. Your brand is a reflection of who you really are, which is why your customers can be as confident and enthusiastic about your products and services as you are.

3. Invest in visual identity
Visual identity encompasses everything from your brand logo to your website colors. It is also the first impression your brand will make on potential customers.

If you want to build a brand that stands out, create a brand identity that is unique to you. Make sure the logo, colors, and other visuals reflect your company values.

4. Carefully define your brand’s mission and values.
Your brand mission is the “why” behind your business, and brand values are the principles by which you live. They are the reason you are in business. Clearly defining these two important aspects and sharing them with your customers will make your business stand out and build loyalty.

5. Identify the ideal customer
Remember, you don’t need to be everything to everyone. Instead, focus on your niche and build a solid reputation in that space. Target customers are people interested in that niche. Work to identify and understand who they are, what values are important to them, and their buying habits so you can guide them effectively.

6. Create a consistent brand voice
The voice of the brand should be consistent throughout the website, social media pages, and other marketing materials. As a small business, make sure your brand’s voice is friendly, professional, and trustworthy.

7. Stand up for something
Your brand should represent something, such as a charitable cause or a specific movement, that reflects who you are and what you stand for. This stance should be in direct correlation with your brand’s mission and values, and it will give customers a reason to do business with you.

8. Keep your word
Your brand is a promise to your customers. If you don’t, you will lose customers and damage your reputation for reliability. Make sure your brand is authentic and that you keep the promises made to customers.

9. Create products and services that stand out
Your company’s brand is only as strong as the products or services you offer. If customers are not interested in what you offer, they will buy elsewhere. Offer products that are in high demand, align with your brand values, and are unique to set you apart from your competitors.

10. Don’t be afraid to be different
The market and customer needs change. Think about how your brand can adapt to market changes and how to adapt to customer needs. If you’re not willing to change, staying ahead of the competition becomes more of a challenge. The best brands are always changing and looking for new ways to maintain a competitive advantage.

For more tips like these visit bbb.org or contact Luis Feliz lfeliz@raleigh.bbb.org


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