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Posada del Inmigrante: “No to the separation of families and 287g”

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Fortaleza and various grassroots groups begin campaign to protect undocumented immigrants with a view to the 2022 elections

Raleigh, NC- With the Christmas dates approaching, different grassroots Wake groups and the Fortaleza organization will hold the “Immigrant Inn” next Sunday, December 19, from 2:00 to 6:00 pm, with the objective of to call on the elected officials, legislators and future sheriff candidates of said county, to avoid any policy that generates the separation of families.

This event will be from 2:00 to 6:00 pm at 2321 Crabtree Boulevard, Raleigh, and has the participation of grassroots groups Popular Action Committee (CAP), Association of Dominicans in Raleigh (ADORA), Women Organizing Remarkable Opportunities (MOON) and Justicia y Esperanza and the Fortaleza organization.

La Posada del Inmigrante is part of a campaign that will intensify next year, during the electoral juncture, whose dates have been modified on December 8 when the Supreme Court of North Carolina suspended the presentation of candidates for the primary elections of 2022 and ordered the primaries to be delayed until May 17.

The court granted an injunction in response to legal challenges related to the new state congressional and legislative district maps. Originally, the primaries were scheduled for March 8.

“There will be a lot at stake for 2022, so the focus of Fortaleza and many grassroots groups will be to fight against any possibility of the return of the 287g program in Wake County, which during the time it was in force had an impact on the separation of the families. In addition, we will work to boost the vote so that the voters elect the candidates who are in favor of the immigrant community and fight against any anti-immigrant policy that comes from the Legislative Assembly ”, indicated Iliana Santillán, Executive Director of Fortaleza.

This fight includes Fortaleza’s position on the candidacy of Donnie Harrison who is seeking to become Wake County Sheriff again.

“Harrison’s candidacy represents the possibility that the sheriff’s office signs new agreements with ICE and reactivates the 287g program, which during his administration affected thousands of immigrant families,” Santillán said. “Our position as a C4 organization is not only to tell you no about this deportation program but to prevent you from returning to the county.”

From 2008 to November 2018, an estimated 10,000 immigrants taken into custody at the Wake jail were turned over to the Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) under the 287g deportation program, an agreement signed by the former Sheriff Harrison.

“Our fear for what we will fight against is to prevent the return of 287g or similar programs. Driving with fear is a reality in our community and when there are programs that separate our families it is even worse. Even more so when there are no police officers who take the program to the streets, which is illegal, ”said Griselda Alonso, founder of MOON.

Being attentive to any anti-immigrant policy, especially the 287g, is one of the aspects that according to Julián Abreú will also have the Association of Dominicans of Raleigh (ADORA),

“We will be on the lookout for anti-immigrant programs. We have already told you no in the past and again we will say no to you. Our motto will be ‘if the past knocks on your door, don’t open it, tell it no,’ he said.

For her part, Martha Hernández from the Popular Action Committee was emphatic in recalling the negative impact that the deportation program had “for migrant communities.”

“The 287g program represented separation and breakdown of families. It was used with a completely invalid argument. If this program returns to Wake County it will bring back this fear of going out to work (because many of us Latinos do not stop working even during the pandemic) and not knowing if you will return home, “he said.

The “Posada del Inmigrante” will feature Christmas carols adapted for the occasion, pastorela, piñata, punch and tamales.


Courtesy: Fortaleza NC Press.


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