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Qualities Congress

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Maria del Refugio Sandoval Olivas
Maria del Refugio Sandoval Olivas
Hgo del Parral, Chihuahua, México La pasión por escribir se manifestó desde su juventud, consolidando su primer encuentro formal, con su participación en el año 2002 en Historias de Migrantes, en el 2007, responde a    convocatoria emitida por la SEP y su historia de vida docente es seleccionada en la antología“Huellas en el tiempo”. En el 2009 publica el libro autobiográfico “Anhelos, sueños y esperanzas”, en el 2011 “Una Rosa sin Espinas”, 2013 es antologada en “Experiencias directivas exitosas”, 2015 y 2016 antologada en “Monografía de Competencias docentes”, convocadas por ENSECH; colaboradora en el Diseño de guías estatales para trabajar los Consejos Técnicos Escolares, autora de varias ponencias publicadas digitalmente,  como “Oralidad de la Lengua” en Argentina,  asistente y ponente en Congresos Educativos, dictaminadora del Congreso Nacional de Investigación Educativa, cuento “Dulce” publicado en 2018,  “Suspiros rotos” poemario publicado en 2019, cuentito “La navidad y yo” 2019; además,  es editorialista semanal en el periódico “El Sol de Parral”. Jubilada de SEP en el 2017 sigue aportando al sector educativo como: tallerista para padres de familia, docentes, alumnos y público en general. Conferencista en distintos niveles educativos en el estado de Chihuahua. Participante activa en los “Encuentros de escritores parralenses” Cuenta cuentos en preescolar y primaria. Practica el cachibol, en la Delegación de jubilados y pensionados DIV2 Socia activa de la Benémerita y Centenaria “Sociedad Mutualista Miguel Hidalgo”

Meetings between equals were necessary to reach points of convergence and legally establish their insertion in the world. Previously, they were asked to write their papers to present to the congress. The person who presided over the assembly, arrived dressed with a toga and a mallet in hand, as a symbol of authority. A thud is heard on the wooden desk and silence invades the room. His voice rose to reach the ears of all the attendees and the clerk prepared to take the pertinent notes.
“Dear qualities,” he said, “their name refers to the differentiated traits and attributes that characterize them, so I request that they be grouped by families. In a respectful way, social, spiritual, personal, ethical, cultural values, among others, were gathered at work tables; naming a moderator per table and they got ready to start with the requested work.
Many members did not distinguish the table in which they had to participate, so prudence , who served as secretary of the congress, assigned them such a wide space, as their number required. They received the name of “anti-values”, who had negative qualities and anti-moral behaviors that dehumanize and degrade the person who exercises them. Each one, proudly represented the attribute of its name: violence had a grim gesture, clenched fists and was ready to repel any attack. Discrimination , he felt superior to all attendees and liked to look at them out of the corner of his eye; hypocrisy , he wore the mask that hid his face, infidelity , he threw flirtatious and insinuating glances; indifferenceIt seemed that nothing interested him, that he was only in that space because he had not found something better to do; Some qualities that until that moment had no proper name assigned, came with the grammar to be baptized, in that way, the antonyms were used: of love, hate, of truth, of lies, of harmony, chaos, of wealth, poverty, peace, war, etc., plus some prefixes. “Unpunctuality”, “dishonest”, “impunity”, “injustice”, “recklessness”, “inequity”, and as much as the grammar wanted to end, the long list of qualities awaiting name seemed to have no end.
After several hours of debate, each table appointed a representative to present their work, with participation as follows: A positive and a negative quality, after listening to the arguments, the assembly, guided by the sanity , would have the power to vote and decide by the predominant qualities that should attend universal representation.
Among the sociocultural values that are instilled from the family nucleus were: religion , patriotism , respect for traditions, among others. At the table of ethical values, there were responsibility, solidarity , justice , honesty and freedom . After an extraordinary exposition, the negative qualities began to emphasize and disagree on the above.
Finally, the doubt , who moderated the participations, precisely because before accepting a fact, they liked it to go through scrutiny and questioning of arguments that made anyone stagger. He explained his reasons: ―After listening carefully, I have come to the conclusion that the qualities vary in their perception and adoption according to the time, form and character that exercises it. There are religions that promote hatred, death, murder, suicide, all in the name of love for a Supreme Being and the reward of eternal life in the promised Eden. The truths are relative in the world, each nation looks at them with a different magnifying glass; despite the fact that so many organizations have been created in charge of preserving the harmony , the peace and the Joy , free will and the desire for power of the human being has led him to travel through paths of uncertainty and pain. He sighed for a moment and continued: the unequal prosperity of a few, the extreme poverty of the majority, progress consists of the destruction of habitats and ecosystems. And he continued with his gloomy speech trying to find the light of discernment.
Sanity , who has always been characterized by its temperance and security, asks to speak and addresses the audience: – The poles exist as a point of balance, positive and negative charges repel or attract each other; the scale can change with concrete actions and facts. As qualities we only exist to the extent that we are adopted; We are not only words with names of values or anti-values, we are actions, mirrors, reflections, rivers that flow until they reach the seas; winds that cross continents, we can build or destroy! Our mission is to reach individual and collective consciences so that they fill our planet with ethical, moral and universal values. The audience stood up to applaud his words and the event closed.


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