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Presentation of the novel “Matarratón”

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Carlos Jarquin
Carlos Jarquin
Escritor y poeta escribo artículos de opiniones sobre temática de interés social, emprendimiento, cultura, arte, historia, política, medio ambiente, Ciencia, y tecnología, en mis escritos siempre procuro de que el lector quede tatuado con una profunda meditación, escribo un poco de todo y para todos. Me gustaría compartir parte del arte de mi pensar con los seguidores de este medio informativo. Será  un placer  llegar a los lectores de esta bella comunidad intelectual. Mi único interés es poder llevarles a los lectores un contenido de meditación universal, educación general y que mejor, aprovechar la oportunidad de la tecnología y de éste medio para que todos seamos protagonistas de ayudar a  desarrollar hábilmente las  incontables habilidades, de los fieles lectores.

During 2021 I had the immense honor of being in virtually numerous book presentations of friends from different countries. From these lines I thank you for the invitation that you sent me.

On Saturday December 04, 2021, at 3:00 pm, Central America, 4:00 pm, Colombia and 10:00 pm, Spain, I had the privilege of sharing a virtual stage with writers, poets, journalists, editors, teachers, announcers and visual artists from the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Spain and Italy. We gathered through the Zoom platform to celebrate the most recent book published by Colombian writer Wilson Rogelio Enciso, entitled Matarratón. This work can be purchased on Amazon and Autoreseditors .

The official and international launch of the novel ” Marathon ” was a luxurious presentation that lasted one hour and fifty minutes. After welcoming and thanking the guests who were given the opportunity to share a literary evening, the host author spoke to us in summary of his work. After his intervention we gave the space to the Spanish writer and “creator of universes of magical colors” Julio L. Calderón, who read a paragraph of the book that we present. Then, the Puerto Rican writer, poet and international columnist Tania Anaid Ramos González, Azula, presented Wilson’s literary profile.

Participation of all guests

It was an unforgettable afternoon. More than 30 people participated and all those present were given a space, some read a fragment of “Matarratón”, other reviews, such as the Peruvian writer, poet and journalist Ángel Valeriano, who titled it: “Matarratón de Wilson Rogelio Enciso”. There were questions for the author, for example, the Costa Rican writer and painter Ligia Calderón made the following: “His initiative to encourage reading in youth: ‘A novel for each school’, is present in different cities of Colombia, in the United States and Puntarenas from Costa Rica, what has been your greatest satisfaction so far with this initiative? ” The Italian writer and poet Elisa Mascia formulated this: Can you mention some of the national and international writers who have most influenced your literary world? Answers in the video of the event.

In the following link you can enjoy this presentation:

The countries of Latin America and the Caribbean share a similar climate, geography, cultures, customs and languages. The natural beauty of all these countries is stupendous and unmatched, when compared to other regions of the planet. It provokes an ocean of nostalgia when we give ourselves the freedom to know the socio-political history that these countries have lived and we live in. Few are the writers who are dedicated to writing novels on these issues that the vast majority of political leaders have caused throughout history. Wilson, in his short stories and novels, so formidably describes the epidemic of corruption that this charming region has so far been unable to overcome. I cordially invite you to know the literary work of this eminent Colombian writer. Without a doubt, it will surprise you as soon as you begin to explore its exquisite literature.

The author of Matarratón in the following text brings us closer to his work:

«Fragment of the knot of the play“ Matarratón ”, which could be titled: ‘Social nostalgia!’

“On the boardwalk the breeze was pleasant. He searched and found an ice cream parlor. He settled down at one of the tables on the balcony, from where he had access to an incomparable view of the Revueltas River. The crackle of the waning moon was reflected in its silvery waters. Subtle waves with the perfume of the bocachico could be perceived, coming from the river bank. The unusual and lonely stranger ordered a lemonade with ice and set out to enjoy the scenery. Rest and reverie interrupted more than abruptly by a score of heavily armed men, dressed in civilian clothes … ”».
This presentation was made possible thanks to the immense support of the Mexican publisher Ayame Editorial. Our thanks to its general director, distinguished writer, poet, businesswoman, editor, manager and cultural promoter Ana María Ayala Carbajal and its Creative Director Yared Ayala.

In the following link you can watch a video in which Wilson Rogelio thanks the guests who were present at the international launch of his most recent published novel:

Wilson Rogelio’s Published Works:

• The illuminated death of Marco Aurelio Mancipe, (2016, novel).
• With an uncertain course, (2017, novel).
• I loved in silence, and in silence I die, (2017 compilation of romantic narratives).
• Sick of the soul, (2018, novel).
• The cold of oblivion, (2019, novel).
• Marathon (2021, novel).
• wrenciso@yahoo.com

The author of this note is a writer, poet and general coordinator of the Anthology of the Bicentennial of Central America.

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