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A beautiful soul

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Maria Beatriz Munoz Ruiz
Maria Beatriz Munoz Ruiz
Escritora y Directora de la revista digital cultural One Stop. Titulada como Community manager y Técnico en consumo, con formación en marketing digital y columnista internacional de la revista Pandemia, cultura contagiosa en la que colabora también con el seudónimo de La Dama oscura. Cuenta con 14 novelas publicadas, todas las encuentras en Amazon. Colaboradora de varias revistas internacionales. Nació el 12 de septiembre de 1977 en Granada (España). Cursó sus estudios en el colegio Sagrada Familia, pero quién realmente fomentó su pasión por la literatura fue su abuelo, alguien que marcó su carácter, y al que nunca olvidará.

This article began with the title Pardon, continued with Los caprichos del fate, and ended with the title A beautiful soul.
Four lines had already been written on forgiveness until my daughter took me tonight, with one of her questions, to a strange, disturbing and at the same time reassuring reflection.
His question was about why certain things have happened to him during his life and he has had to fight day after day to overcome them.
Many times we ask ourselves: Why us? And we think it is unfair, we feel abandoned by a universe that seems to look at us with indifference.
So, as if it wasn’t my pessimistic self speaking, I have told you that our lives are complex cogs of a capricious destiny that has a plan for us. My girl looked at me strangely and I tried to explain to her what I had meant: “If you hadn’t gone through everything you’ve been through, now you wouldn’t be the fighter you are, now you wouldn’t look at others with that empathy that many lack Right now, you wouldn’t be the grown-up girl who has overcome every stone on the road year after year. Perhaps, if you are where you are, it is because you have a mission, because you must help someone and save him, because no one knows better than you how difficult many paths can be, where there are more obstacles than rewards ”.
I have always felt that my children saved my life, but I will never find words to express how much I love them, and how unworthy I feel in the face of those two beautiful treasures that life has given me. I have always thought that they will occupy an important place in this world, perhaps, all parents think that about their children, but I do not think about their economic greatness or social position, I think about their spiritual beauty.
When you wrinkle a paper, no matter how hard you try to leave it as before, you will never get it, the damage is done and there will always be marks of that pain in the soul, but, you can regret and try to destroy other papers, or else, you can try that nobody destroys or crumple other papers.
Many people do not shine thanks to that pain, they shine despite that pain, and their light is so wonderful that no matter how hard they try to extinguish it, they will never succeed, because those angels will be protected in this world by powerful warriors who will be their shield.
My daughter is one of those beautiful souls that will do a lot of good, one of those souls for whom destiny has a humble and perfect plan, one of those pure souls that will not make the news, those souls do not act to be recognized, they do the good without being seen. She has never needed applause, and she has never felt comfortable among those who fought against their demons, while, like cowards, they wounded in the dark and lied believing that they were not seen.
How sad is the life of those people who try to turn off others to be seen, and how precious is the heart of those who have suffered and empathize, because life is a sigh, and when we die we will only be remembered by pain or love that we distribute.
Even the richest must leave his fortune on earth; And, my dear ones, money is spent and then oblivion arrives, because when love is bought it is so false that your memory is erased, it floats in the air like an insignificant whirlpool that falls to the ground to be stepped on and swept away.
When this world comes to an end for me, I will know that my love will always live in them as well as my memory.
My children, both so different, but what would the sun be without the moon? Two lives were born from my womb, two lives on which many depend, a bond that will never be broken, nor will they need questions when the other advances with doubts.
The world has taught us that evil always triumphs, but it never shows the good that is silent and acts by illuminating paths that seemed impossible to cross under the moonlight.
Take care of those beautiful souls that shine in silence, because the universe listens.


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