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Guitar with Michoacan Designs by Cornelio Campos

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Revista Latina NC “EL lugar donde descubrimos muchas culturas, pero el orgullo de pertenecer a cada una nos une”. Revista Latina NC tiene el propósito de promover los Negocios, Grupos Musicales, Artistas Latinos así como los Servicios y Eventos a través de las Sociedades, Instituciones, Academias, Asociaciones y Grupos que involucran a nuestra comunidad Latina. Consideramos parte importante de nuestra comunidad la difusión de estas actividades con el fin de recordar nuestras tradiciones como países latinos y compartir con el mundo lo enriquecedor de cada una de nuestras culturas. Una de las principales caracteristícas que distingue a Revista Latina es que todos sus espacios están diseñados para que sus seguidores puedan ser parte de ella, tenemos espacios para todos aquellos que gustan de realizar artes, que escriben o componen, los que realizan eventos sin fines de lucro, para todos aquellos que tengan un buen propósito hay un lugar.

Cornelio Campos , Visual Artist creates this “Guitar with Michoacan Designs”, for the Dia de Muertos offering of Revista Latina.

The Day of the Dead offering is a Mexican tradition that originates long before the arrival of the Spanish. But, it is because of them that he adapted to Christianity. The classic altar of the dead is divided into levels and has certain elements that help the deceased. There are different types of altars and each of them has a different number of levels that represent different things. There are offerings of 3 levels (Heaven, Earth and purgatory) and up to 7 levels (the 7 steps through which the soul passes to reach eternal rest). On November 2, the Day of the Dead is celebrated and it is on this date that we visit our deceased in the pantheons and put offerings in their honor.

The altar must be decorated according to the tastes of the deceased. You can place objects that belonged to him or elements that represent him. In some towns in Mexico, altars are made based on the deceased’s profession or favorite pastime.

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