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BBB Tips: Fall Winter Maintenance

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Luis Feliz
Luis Feliz
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RALEIGH, NC (October 26, 2021) The air is getting colder and the leaves and cornfields are turning yellow. Fall is here! With the change of weather comes a home maintenance checklist that all homeowners need to tackle before the really cold things start.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Eastern North Carolina would like to offer you these tips as you prepare your home for colder weather:

Clean those gutters. A buildup of leaves and other debris can cause gutters and downspouts to not drain properly. A drain which can cause water to spill over gutters, which can lead to foundation damage. Ice dams can form in winter, causing snow to melt under shingles.

Inspect your roof. Damaged or loose shingles can let in water and ice during the winter, which can lead to interior damage.

Test your smoke and carbon dioxide detectors. Making sure these important security tools are in good working order is an easy and vital way to keep the people who live in your home safe. The National Fire Protection Association offers excellent information on installing and maintaining smoke detectors. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has information on carbon monoxide detectors.

For information on gutter, roofing contractors, garage organizers, driveway repair contractors near you visit bbb.org .

Check your windows and doors for air leaks. Adding caulk and weatherstripping helps prevent cold air from leaking into your home. Also check where pipes and cables enter your home.

Organize your garage. You will undoubtedly use your garage much more in the colder months. Get rid of trash and clutter and make sure your snow shovel and other winter-use items are easily accessible. Fill / repair cracks and holes to prevent insects and rodents from seeking shelter from the cold.

Inspect your driveway. Frequent freeze-thaw conditions in many areas, along with tree roots and soil movement, can cause access roads to develop needed repair areas. Fall is a good time to fill in the cracks and seal the coat to prevent water or ice damage during winter.

Schedule HVAC maintenance. According to the United States Department of Energy , preventive maintenance can help save up to 25% on energy costs. Heating contractors near you can help you professionally service your heating unit.

Attend to the outside water supply. Cover your outside water tap (s). Spigot covers help prevent exterior pipes from freezing and are reasonably priced at your local hardware store. Drain the water hoses and move them inside.

Sweep your fireplace. Having soot and potential clogs or creosote buildup helps reduce the risk of a fireplace fire and can improve the efficiency of your fireplace. BBB is a great place to look for a chimney sweep service near you .

Change the direction of your ceiling fan. In the colder months, you want your fan to blow hot air downward, which means its blades spin clockwise.

Consult with the professionals. Go to BBB.org to verify the trustworthiness of a company. Do a general search online for a business to see what types of reviews, complaints, and other information may be available.


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