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Before buying a used car

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Luis Feliz
Luis Feliz
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RALEIGH, NC (May 19, 2021) – It’s time to buy a car and you’ve decided to buy a used car instead of a new one. There are a few things to do before buying any car. Better Business Bureau serving Eastern North Carolina (BBB). Make sure you set a budget, research models, compare prices, choose a warranty, and know how you will pay for the car.

Important information to know before buying a car:

Where to buy your car. One of the big differences between buying a new car and buying a used car is that there are many options for where to buy your used car.

Car dealers. Both new and used car dealers can be excellent sources for finding a quality used vehicle. They provide you with carefully inspected vehicles and may include warranties. First, check the reputation and reliability of your dealer. Ask for recommendations from your friends, family even on bbb.org you can read reviews of the business.

Car dealerships may offer a “certified” used car program. These have vehicles that have been previously rented or negotiated. Different dealerships offer different certification programs and details about the inspection and other steps they take. Feel free to ask any necessary questions.

Government, private and online vehicle auctions are very popular. If you are buying at auction, remember that you may need to make an immediate payment. It is usually out of warranty and you cannot have your car inspected.

Private owners sell their used cars through websites, classifieds, word of mouth and through social media. You may find a car in good condition that sells for less money than you would at a car dealership. Before buying the used car, ask for the car’s maintenance and repair records. Check the title to make sure the person selling the car is the legal owner.

Also be careful dealing with a personal salesperson, as it may be easier for a person to run a scam. Fraudulent dealerships may disguise themselves as individual sellers and offer stolen or damaged cars or odometers have been recalled to conceal mileage.

An important difference between a private seller and other sellers is the Buyer’s Guide. The Federal Trade Commission’s Used Car Rule states that dealers must publish a Buyer’s Guide for every used car for sale. Sellers selling more than five used cars in a year must provide the Buyer’s Guide. Banks and financial institutions are exempt. Businesses that sell vehicles to their employees and lessors that sell leased vehicles to certain buyers are also exempt.

The Buyer’s Guide includes information on any major problems with the mechanical and electrical systems and suggests that your mechanic inspect the vehicle before purchasing. The Buyer’s Guide also tells you if the car is sold “as is” or if it comes with a warranty (and the terms of that warranty). If the “as is” box is checked in the “Buyer’s Guide”, you have no warranty. If the warranty box is checked, request a copy of the warranty and review it before agreeing to purchase the car.

Under some state laws, if the car does not come with a written warranty, but is also not specifically considered “as is,” it is covered by an implied warranty. Depending on the particular laws in your state, the implied warranty may guarantee that the car will perform or live up to the seller’s warranty that it is fit for a particular purpose, such as towing a trailer. Your state consumer protection office can provide more information on the details of implied warranty coverage.

Do your homework
Before you go shopping for your car, do your homework. There are many resources online for checking the average retail prices of different makes and models of used cars, based on the year they left and the number of miles they traveled.

For more information on how to avoid this scam contact Luis Feliz lfeliz@raleigh.bbb.org


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