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A look at Wilson Rogelio Enciso's 'Saved Stories'

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By Citlali Bernal, Latina NC Magazine

Once again, this Colombian novelist surprises with a new published work, in addition to the surprise installments of his novels around the world, which he has accustomed us to and he shows this in: 'A novel for every school', a plausible initiative that I wish others would imitate or support.

This time the turn was for 'Saved Stories'. A subcontinental social fiction novel that reveals, using the brush of literary transfiguration, the figure of its creation, the political, social, cultural and economic life of an entire country, today, anyone on the face of the globe, increasingly in turmoil and 'infected with social nostalgia', as this author often quotes.

In this novel, the protagonists are farmers, inhabitants of, according to the work, 'largest wasteland in the world': Tobias and his wife Abigail. This is a splendid and sensual paramuna, even when you get older and even old. The two were born, raised, met, fell in love, married, their children and adventures there in the wasteland, where they consolidated some wealth that was taken to the ground.

Everything went well between Tobias and Abigail... relatively, until they were old, when their children refused to care for them and look after them in their town. Then, they uprooted them from their roots and took them and left them alone and almost to their fate in a house located in the leaks of the cold and impersonal capital city of that country.

From one moment to the next, when they were most sick and needed help, which their relatives avoided and avoided in some way, not always with good words or friendly gestures, a minimum appeared to them out of nowhere, which the stubborn old man called Manchas and adopted him as a pet. Much in spite of Abigail's grumbling, who wanted to scare him away, even kill him, which the cunning cat avoided several times.

Manchas soon became the repository of the stories that were bustling in the senile moimora of Tobias, who shared them to him when he was raised to the song. Not only did he tell her about his Donjuanesque adventures when he was young, even after going gray, as well as the three times that his beloved Abigail was unfaithful to him and that he assumed without saying anything to her, or to anyone. Because she considered that those slip-ups were just fair, what a refined feminine revenge therefore made her suffer and the countless times he betrayed her; even with one of Abigail's closest and dearest cousins... for many years.

In addition to these stories, Tobias also told his cat some related to the hidden and recast life of the country. In particular, those that had to do with the covert activities of the fearsome and dreaded Dr. Abelardo Uribia Morales. Shaded former president whom no one, not even justice, under his oiled springs, dared to touch or point to him, given the real and lethal risk that this entailed.

Once the former president learned that the famous cat that one knew part of his frail covered life, according to Tobias in some interviews he gave, he put a price on the head of the small but elusive feline.

When the two old men died of old age in a charity hospital, three hours apart, as they promised to do since they were engaged, Manchas disappeared from that house before the arrival of the guards who were sent by the unnamable former president to dismiss him. The cat returned to its origins where the premonition paramuna into legend converted it, at the time of the verses of Predestination.

Reading this new short novel by Enciso is agile, pleasant and full of shocks that will keep the reader hooked between its sheets, from start to finish, or at least until, perhaps, when, perhaps, the last official who wanted to find Manchas in compliance with the tantrums of the elderly former president, was apparently the victim of the curse that Tobias imposed on those slopes to keep the secret of the infidelity of his beloved Abigail sealed forever... apparently!

Wilson Rogelio Enciso: successes with this new work, with the others published and with which we know are still stored somewhere in his studio, ready to be published!

All of his works are available on Amazon.com and on AutoresEditores.com, as well as his subcontinental stories on the pages of our Revista Latina NC, where he is a permanent columnist.

Thank you, Wilson Rogelio Enciso for your lyrics. From Revista Latina NC we recommend reading and disseminating it.

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